Security Intelligence Center

Optimize security policies and thwart cyberattacks with adaptive threat intelligence integrated into your network.

  • Overview

    Many security intelligence feeds provide visibility into real-time threats, but the task of turning data into actionable intelligence that executes through network policies has been a complex challenge. You need a network that can identify threats and take immediate action based on known or emerging intelligence.

    We can help you protect your business, using security intelligence analytics and tools to stop attacks early in the threat lifecycle.

    Juniper Threat Labs Research
    Data on attack campaigns and threat trends is as important as signature creation, machine learning algorithms, and verified threat intelligence feeds. Our Threat Labs research informs Juniper’s signature creation and engineering teams, helping them build mechanisms that can keep pace with attackers. Our research directly influences detection and prevention features in our product portfolio.

    Juniper IPS Signature Library
    You can use our searchable database of IPS signatures to help protect your environment. The database is accessible through the following links.

    IPS Signatures
    Application Signatures

    Juniper SecIntel
    Intelligence from SecIntel, our security intelligence feed, helps you identify and block command-and-control (C&C) communications to and from malicious sites, domains, and IP addresses at line rate. SecIntel works with the SRX Series Services Gateways and MX Series routers to optimize security policies and thwart cyberattacks.

  • Products

    Information on all of our security products can be found here.

  • Tools

    SophosLabs IP address classification lookup for Juniper products
    SophosLabs maintains IP address classifications that can be used to help detect spam in Juniper products. IP address classification/IP address reputation is a commonly-used method of detecting spam.

    Juniper Test-a-Site powered by SurfControl
    SurfControl Test-a-Site allows you to verify whether a site is categorized in SurfControl’s most recent filters.

    Pcapr is a website that contains a wide collection of user uploaded packet captures. It also contains tools to view, manipulate and model traffic flows. pcapr, powered by Mu Dynamics, is a social networking site. Learn more about pcapr at the forum.