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Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment to People, the Planet, and Corporate Ethics

Juniper is committed to corporate responsibility in our own practices and all aspects of our business. We know there are people who depend on us to be responsible, to lead by example, and to continually challenge ourselves to do better—for our employees, our neighbors, and for the planet we inhabit.

People and Communities

We’re on a mission to create change and build a more inclusive and diverse workplace where people are empowered to reach their full potential. Our vision is to build an inclusive, authentic community that inspires collaboration, integrity, and innovation. In 2018, we launched a dedicated page to provide updates on our inclusion and diversity strategy and our progress.

Throughout our value chain, we expect and promote responsible business practices. We aim for our partners to become extensions of our efforts to meet big, bold challenges that make a meaningful difference.

Environmental Sustainability

We maintain a steady focus on reducing our energy consumption, carbon footprint, and resource use in our facilities. For instance, our most energy-intensive work is done in our labs. In 2018, we lowered energy consumption in our labs for the first time since 2014 after launching an initiative to change inefficient practices among lab equipment users. And in 2018, we completed migrating our labs to a data center in Quincy, Washington, where the majority of the energy supply is generated through hydroelectric power.

We also recognize that our greatest opportunity for positive environmental impact comes through our products. That’s why we design for sustainability at every stage of a product’s life cycle, from the materials we use and the product’s energy footprint, to packaging and end-of-life solutions.

Corporate Governance

Our goal is to improve the world around us, and we believe that honesty, communication, and transparency are foundational to our success as a company and as an organization. We’re committed to improving transparency, upholding high ethical standards, and maintaining product compliance and customer satisfaction.

To improve transparency in our inclusion and diversity efforts, in 2018 we started sharing our workforce gender and ethnicity data on our website. We’ll update this data annually.

For a comprehensive overview of all our sustainability practices, see our latest Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Report.

Read more about our efforts in each area.

Find out why we use a circular economy model for environmental sustainability.

We cultivate a culture of integrity in our supply chain.

We create opportunities for the next generation of engineers and thought leaders.

As environmental stewards, we lead by example in making our facilities and activities less resource intensive.


Juniper Networks Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Report
India Excellence Centre Citizenship Report
SB657 California Transparency in Supply Chains Act
United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act
Conflict Minerals Report

Policies and Commitments

Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Policy
Juniper Networks Worldwide Code of Business Conduct
Juniper Networks Business Partner Code of Conduct
Conflict Minerals Policy
Juniper Networks India Pvt. Ltd. Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility


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ISO 45001
Juniper Multi-site TL9000
Juniper Multi-site ISO 9001
China R&D ISO 9001
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