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Trade controls are complex and can vary significantly across countries and jurisdictions. Depending on your location and various other factors, more than one set of country controls may apply to a particular transaction or product. Compliance with one country’s controls doesn’t relieve you or your duty to comply with the controls of another country to which any export, re-export, import or use of the product applies. Export controls commonly include the following prohibitions:

  • Export to embargoed countries or regions and sanctioned parties
  • Use of products or technology to support prohibited activities
  • Unlicensed export of controlled products to locations not otherwise generally embargoed or to end users not otherwise sanctioned
  • License-required exports in violation of conditions or restrictions imposed by the license
  • Assisting others in violating or circumventing export controls, or in concealing or otherwise supporting their use of product already exported in violation of such controls

If you have questions about the export classification of Juniper products and can’t find the information you need in the Products Classification Lookup Tool or want to know more about our export control compliance policy, contact our Trade Compliance helpdesk at

The Trade Compliance Helpdesk isn’t intended as legal advice or as a substitute for applicable laws and regulations in your area. See Resources. For legal advice, please consult your own legal or trade compliance professional.

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For an export license application information sheet (ELAIS) and other forms, log in to the Partner Center.

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