Creating Personal WLANs in Juniper Mist


What if wireless users could easily create their own user groups to share devices? Now they can with Personal WLANS, enabled by Juniper Mist™. These Personal WLANs are created by generating unique keys to access the SSID. Watch this short video for more information.

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You’ll learn

  • How you can create Personal WLANs for secure onboarding

  • Why other options are too complicated

  • Ways to keep spectrum utilization efficient and clean

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


0:01 wouldn't it be great if Wireless users

0:04 could create their own user groups to

0:06 securely share devices like Apple TV

0:09 Chromecast and gaming systems

0:12 and they can maintain secure access to

0:14 these devices wherever they roam

0:16 traditionally the only way to segment

0:19 groups of Wireless users and provide

0:21 secure access to Shared resources that

0:24 don't support 802.1x

0:26 was to create unique ssids each with

0:30 their own pre-shared key then we got

0:32 more elegant using tools like vlans and

0:35 ACLS and reaching back to radius for

0:38 identity and pushing down rules and

0:41 creating groups that way that works but

0:44 it is also very complex mist is the

0:47 first in the industry to break free from

0:49 this model with patent-pending personal

0:51 WLAN technology personal wlans allow

0:54 secure onboarding and segmentation of

0:57 multiple user or device groups on a

1:00 single common SSID using personalized

1:03 pre-shared keys that operate across the

1:06 entire site users can create their own

1:09 private keys that can then be applied to

1:12 the devices of their choosing and shared

1:15 within a controlled group people outside

1:17 this group cannot access these devices

1:20 or services this is wall preserving

1:22 security and ease of connection without

1:25 requiring extensive segmentation via

1:29 vlans or complicated AAA services at the

1:34 same time the wireless Spectrum

1:36 utilization is efficient and clean by

1:40 minimizing the number of ssids that must

1:42 be set up and managed this is perfect

1:45 for environments where users need

1:47 private access to share devices such as

1:50 hotels retail stores malls public venues

1:55 multi-tenident environments especially

1:58 School dorm rooms personal wlans put

2:01 control back in the hands of the

2:03 wireless user

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