Juniper Mist Access Assurance: Cloud-Based Network Access Control


Juniper Mist Access Assurance delivers Network Access Control (NAC) based on modern cloud services built with Mist AI. This video shows the problems with existing NAC solutions, and describes how enterprises can simply and easily provide secure network access for guest, IoT, BYOD and corporate-managed devices.

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You’ll learn

  • The problems with legacy network access control (NAC) solutions

  • How Juniper Mist Access Assurance cloud-native NAC can be used to easily manage access control policies and provide end-to-end visibility to the client connectivity experience, at scale

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:05 Legacy NAC Solutions are brittle and

0:08 obsolete they place a burden on a

0:10 customer to deploy and manage on-premise

0:13 hardware manually scale designed for

0:16 high availability and manage software

0:18 upgrades and security patches leaving

0:20 network administrators scared to make

0:23 changes

0:24 IT wants a Cloud solution with

0:26 visibility to the end-to-end user

0:28 experience across the network based on

0:30 identity and policy at scale now for the

0:34 first time Juniper Mist Access

0:36 Assurance natively integrates network

0:38 operations under one cloud

0:41 access Assurance gives you access

0:43 management policy creation and

0:45 enforcement across the network in a

0:47 familiar interface

0:49 how easy is integrated Cloud network

0:51 access management

0:54 configure authentication policy rules

0:57 enable the Mist Access Assurance

0:59 service with just a single click it is

1:01 that simple see how easy it is to

1:04 identify access issues built on Mist

1:07 AI access Assurance validates the

1:09 end-to-end client connectivity

1:11 experience across the entire network AI

1:14 powered automation simplifies operations

1:16 and delivers a better user experience

1:20 like the rest of the AI driven

1:22 Enterprise portfolio access Assurance

1:24 uses Juniper's proven Cloud

1:26 microservices architecture no Hardware

1:29 required so you become operational right

1:32 now

1:33 our smart connectors allow you to get

1:35 additional contacts from external

1:37 identity sources MDM providers or xdr

1:40 Solutions and our Geo aware

1:42 authentication Service reduces latency

1:45 and boosts availability

1:47 and Marvis are AI driven virtual Network

1:50 assistant consumes data from both the

1:52 network and the authentication Service

1:54 to provide unprecedented contextual

1:57 insights to detect and resolve problems

2:00 before anyone notices

2:02 now Network administrators have a near

2:04 effortless way to manage the network and

2:07 access control natively integrated into

2:09 the Mist Cloud unlock the most powerful

2:12 AI driven access Assurance service

2:14 available today

2:17 Juniper Mist Access Assurance driven

2:20 by Mist AI

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