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Find what you need, every time, with Juniper's Location Services

Let's be honest: Most indoor location-tracking technology is lacking. It's costly. It's inaccurate. It doesn't scale.

At Juniper, we found that unacceptable. That's why we created a best-in-the-biz, industry-recognized system that's changing what's possible in retail, enterprise, and healthcare network experiences.

Read about Juniper's recognition in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Indoor Location Services.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper’s patented 16-element vBLE antenna array provides the most accurate location services and unparalleled user experiences.

  • How Juniper’s Mist AI, the Mist Cloud Architecture converges Wi-Fi and virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE) to ensure accuracy, scalability, resiliency, and flexibility.

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Paul Notzold Headshot
Paul Notzold
Director, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Neil Holden Headshot
Neil Holden
CIO, Halfords


0:00 When it comes to location services,

0:02 wouldn't it be nice if your network was this accurate?

0:08 And didn't cost you an arm and a leg.

0:11 Well, today, we're digging into a more effective solution that'll help your bottom line

0:16 and deliver a better experience for you and your customers.

0:26 Hi. I'm Paul. Welcome to the Juniper Garage.

0:30 Up until now, location tracking technology has centered around

0:33 real time systems that are proprietary, costly, and difficult to manage at scale.

0:39 WiFi triangulation is an alternative,

0:42 but it lacks accuracy.

0:43 So, is BLE the answer?

0:46 Not the way most vendors implement it.

0:49 To deliver accurate, easy to manage and cost effective indoor location services,

0:55 we had to think differently.

0:58 Our patented virtual bluetooth arrays with sixteen antennas turns every AP

1:03 into a unique transmitter that forms cells to build on top of each other.

1:08 They work with MIST machine learning in the cloud to create real time maps without the need for site surveys,

1:15 allowing you to track your assets within one to three meters,

1:19 without the need for overlay hardware and software,

1:22 and without the need for all those batteries that need to be replaced.

1:26 This ain't no Tomagotchi.

1:30 You'll get one click setup simplicity

1:33 enabling you to set up location based messages anywhere.

1:36 This Gartner recognized system has transformed the network experiences across retail,

1:40 across retail, enterprise, and health care and others.

1:44 When Halfords, the UK's largest retailer for motor and cycle products,

1:48 wanted to create a more personalized experience for their customers,

1:51 they turned us.

1:53 It will mean that we can communicate digitally

1:56 to them within the position that they are in,

1:58 within the physical location for the specific thing.

2:02 That they need. That's truly game changing

2:05 for Halfords and something that customers will hopefully be delighted with.

2:09 Wanna see more of our location services in action?

2:12 Sign up for the weekly demos and get an understanding of why once again.

2:16 We were named a leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant

2:19 for indoor location services.

2:22 I'm Paul, and I'll see you next time in the Juniper arage.

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