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T Shridhar, VP Architecture at Juniper, shares highlights from this year’s innovators’ conference.

Stretching our minds by bringing together bright minds inside and outside of Juniper. That’s the mission of the Junivators Technical Conference, and this year did not disappoint. Watch for details. 

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You’ll learn

  • Covered topics, including AI and machine learning, and software and hardware innovations

  • Favorite sessions, including one from Victor Bhal, Technical Fellow and CTO of 5G at Microsoft

  • Why T Shridhar enjoyed hearing about a quantum computing/networking paper

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Rick Rutter

Guest speakers

T Shridhar
VP Architecture, Juniper Networks


0:00 learning is key to driving innovation at

0:02 this year's junovators technical

0:04 conference a number of industry thought

0:06 leaders and innovators spoke on a

0:08 variety of topics

0:09 including quantum computing machine

0:11 learning software and hardware

0:13 innovation and many other topics

0:16 juniper's vp of architecture and lead on

0:18 this initiative shidhar is here to tell

0:20 us more

0:21 shadar what do you love the most about

0:23 the genevator's technical conference

0:26 thank you for this opportunity and uh

0:28 what i really loved was the interaction

0:30 and how we could actually stretch

0:33 our minds you know over and above our

0:35 day jobs so uh the the types of

0:38 interactions among participants who

0:40 wouldn't normally be interacting you

0:42 know on the day-to-day basis but more on

0:45 the technology content and potentially

0:47 you know collaborative efforts that

0:48 could result out of this that was

0:50 something that i really loved and it's

0:52 not just the conference coming together

0:54 it's also what happened what happens

0:57 afterwards that is key and i i really

0:59 love that part about this whole

1:00 interaction and i ended up learning

1:02 quite a lot as well

1:04 and i love that it is geared toward

1:07 really inspiring new innovations and

1:09 bringing together the community

1:11 why is it important to bring together

1:13 our technical community

1:15 yeah that's that's a very good question

1:17 so uh you know initially we had this

1:19 thing about how to actually get this

1:22 whole uh the engineering community you

1:24 know sort of

1:25 stimulated about work that they're

1:27 either thinking about or they're

1:28 planning or they had on the side etc and

1:31 also part of you know the day job in

1:33 terms of the innovation we then realized

1:35 that innovation can come from technical

1:38 uh folks all across the company right

1:40 and so we opened this up to you know

1:42 with engineering being the core but

1:44 quite a bit of interactions and

1:46 presentations from folks from other

1:49 parts of the company as well the other

1:51 advantage of this is since this is an

1:53 open conference to the entire company

1:56 several folks in other disciplines not

1:58 just engineering learnt about you know

2:00 this innovation that's aspect there's a

2:02 big aspect of juniper now juniper is a

2:04 heavily technical company that's our

2:06 core dna and our success has uh depended

2:10 heavily on that and it's great to see

2:12 this you know

2:14 add to that capability and all to those

2:17 interactions we can have within our

2:18 community

2:20 i think that's amazing and i love how

2:22 just inclusive and diverse you make this

2:24 conference which speaks to you know

2:26 another key like juniper benefit as well

2:28 so

2:29 um well hey i'm going to put you on the

2:31 spot i would love to know what your

2:33 favorite session was coming out of gtc

2:35 this year

2:37 ah that's that is a difficult question

2:39 so uh

2:40 i i

2:41 there were several and so uh you know

2:44 what i'm going to do is i'm not going to

2:45 call it a favorite but i would want to

2:46 highlight you know at least one external

2:49 speaker and one

2:50 internal speaker and we had the good

2:53 fortune of having victor bal who is sort

2:57 of like the cto of 5g at microsoft he's

3:00 an industry luminary and he was there on

3:03 the first day of the conference and

3:04 talked to several initiatives

3:06 and uh that was a big eye-opener for

3:09 several of us and the whole breadth and

3:11 the depth of uh the areas in uh 5g you

3:15 know where we can innovate that

3:16 definitely was you know one thing that i

3:18 wanted to highlight

3:19 then among the internal presentations

3:22 and papers there were several one thing

3:24 i wanted to bring up was the whole

3:26 quantum computing and the quantum

3:27 networking paper

3:28 that uh you know several folks

3:30 collaborated to pull together so if

3:32 people have an opportunity they can

3:34 check that out as well

3:36 that's amazing well srihar thank you so

3:38 much for telling us more about jtc and

3:40 the digi innovators technical conference

3:42 and and some of the innovations that

3:44 were presented

3:45 and to everybody out there while you're

3:47 on the feed please take some time to

3:48 soak up some more industry news and

3:50 knowledge thanks a lot thank you for

3:52 having me thanks

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