Mike Burton, SVP Data Sales and Co-founder, Bombora

How to Embrace a Customer Experience Strategy that Drives Growth, with Michael Marcellin

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Aug 23, 2022

Internal training produces satisfied customers.

While it’s not exactly news that happy customers are conducive to business growth, one thing that’s frequently overlooked is how important internal training is for producing satisfied customers. In this podcast episode of the Intent Data Exchange, Juniper’s Michael Marcellin talks about how Juniper’s improved customer onboarding has led to fewer calls, emails, and chats, as well as less confusion. 

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You’ll learn

  • Why careful attention to your team’s synergy is vital for business growth

  • How exactly the synergy between internal training and customer onboarding is contributing to fast business growth at Juniper

  • How a data-driven approach and agile marketing can give your business a competitive advantage 

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Mike Burton Headshot
Mike Burton
SVP Data Sales and Co-founder, Bombora

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Michael Marcellin
CMO, Juniper Networks