Delivering Sustainability for Experience-First Networking

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Juniper Networks’ Green Initiative Delivers Sustainability for a Better Tomorrow

In this short video, hear about how Juniper Networks is taking action now to reach Net-Zero emissions by 2040.  While anyone can pledge to be green, Juniper is taking actionable steps now.  Its Silicon Valley HQ has been LEED Gold and Platinum certified and its Bangaluru HG is powered by 87% renewable energy. We don’t stop there. We’re also helping our customers make progress towards their climate goals with products with longer lifecycles.

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You’ll learn

  • That Juniper is investing in energy efficient technologies and 100% compostable packaging

  • How customers benefit from longer product lifecycles that extend the life of their investment and increase recyclability

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:01 green it's who we are at Juniper like

0:04 literally our brand is green but we're

0:07 also green like this green this green

0:12 this green though that's more like blue

0:15 green and we're not just green nope we

0:19 have a plan to take us to net zero

0:21 emissions by 2040 and we're off to a

0:24 great start already our Silicon Valley

0:27 headquarters is lead golden Platinum

0:29 certified

0:30 our bangaluru headquarters is powered by

0:33 87% renewable energy and our packaging

0:36 materials are 100% compostable which is

0:40 great but we're also thinking about

0:42 tomorrow with clearcut greenhouse gas

0:45 emissions strategies sustainable

0:48 energyefficient technology that leads to

0:50 longer product life cycles and

0:53 circularity that increases recycled

0:55 content and recyclability while

0:57 extending the life of your investment

1:00 and why stop

1:02 there we think everyone can use a little

1:05 bit more green that also means you yes

1:09 you our customer and our partners we're

1:12 already helping organizations like the

1:15 California dep Department of Water

1:16 Resources increase their Data Center

1:18 capacity by 80% without having to get

1:21 more equipment and the BT group work

1:25 towards reducing their power consumption

1:27 by 50% and helping them hit their Net

1:30 Zero goals anyone can pledge to be green

1:34 but we're doing it right now and we're

1:37 doing it for your sustainability goals

1:40 green business green Network for the

1:48 planet

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