Dr. Sally Eaves, CEO, Aspirational Futures

Dr. Sally Eaves Discusses Juniper Cloud Metro for Sustainable Business Growth

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In this video, Dr. Sally Eaves, CEO of Aspirational Futures, looks at metro networks and how Juniper Cloud Metro enables sustainable business growth, built on three key pillars: People, Planet and Profit.

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  • What Dr. Sally Eaves thinks about Juniper’s Cloud Metro

  • How Cloud Metro enables sustainable business growth

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Sally Eaves Headshot
Dr. Sally Eaves
CEO, Aspirational Futures


0:00 [Music]

0:07 hi everyone I'm Professor Sally Eve CEO

0:11 of aspirational Futures we enhance

0:13 inclusion Equity diversity and

0:16 sustainability in technology and Beyond

0:19 when I think about tech for good I think

0:21 about industry Trends and look for the

0:23 next revolutionary solution something

0:25 that can benefit both business and

0:27 Society to create shared value

0:29 today I'm going to look at Metro

0:31 networks and just how Juniper Cloud

0:33 Metro enables sustainable business

0:35 growth and it's built on three key

0:37 pillars people planet and Profit the

0:41 Metro is a new network Edge it's home to

0:43 Cloud hosting to 5G connectivity and a

0:46 service experience but as a consequence

0:48 is also becoming complex resource

0:51 intensive and costly the traditional

0:53 Metro design approach it's outdated it

0:55 can't meet today's or tomorrow's

0:57 industry trends

0:59 so let's look at each pillar in turn

1:02 first let's explore all things people

1:04 skill shortage it's listed as a number

1:07 one tech industry challenge today

1:09 overworked I.T staff they can't cope

1:11 with the manual operations that are

1:13 needed in traditional Metro networks the

1:15 time intensive tasks they're costly they

1:18 contribute to employee burnout and just

1:19 can't keep Pace with the acceleration of

1:21 digitization simply put manual

1:24 operations are not sustainable but how

1:27 do you develop skills staff and operate

1:29 efficiently at scale

1:31 so the answer lies with Cloud Metro it

1:34 enables sustainable operations with AI

1:36 enabled Cloud delivered automation it

1:39 helps service providers minimize

1:40 labor-intensive interventions reduce

1:43 manual errors and free up resources so

1:45 in combination coming together it

1:47 delivers tangible business benefits with

1:49 devices ready for service in minutes

1:52 using secure zero touch provisioning and

1:55 predictive active Assurance mechanisms

1:56 through media issues and yes I did say

1:59 in minutes

2:00 moving on to our second P it's planet

2:04 Rising carbon emissions they're

2:06 threatening the global environment it's

2:08 piling E-Waste into landfills right now

2:11 today consumers and businesses alike

2:13 they expect environment friendly

2:15 Solutions greater transparency and

2:17 accountability plus new standards that

2:19 are imposing strict regulations and

2:22 compliance too

2:23 sustainability goals they're met by

2:25 designing eco-friendly networks Cloud

2:28 Metro's high performance ACX 7000

2:31 systems they're engineered to meet

2:33 future bandwidth demands they're compact

2:36 they're energy efficient they consume

2:38 fewer components and have greater

2:40 longevity than traditional rip and

2:42 replace systems in addition built-in

2:44 zero trust security and an assured

2:46 scalable converged fabric improves

2:48 Network management versus bolt-on

2:51 security a device-centric approaches so

2:53 when you couple this with AI driven

2:55 operations it reduces site visits and

2:58 carbon footprint for me truly a shared

3:01 value proposition

3:02 and finally let's talk about profit

3:05 Beyond existing Metro traffic growth we

3:08 have emerging capabilities such as 5G AR

3:11 VR data analytics Cloud iot a soaring

3:15 number of digital devices at all time

3:16 connectivity it's on the horizon service

3:19 providers simply can't meet the scale

3:21 the scope sophistication of security

3:23 threats and customers heightened demands

3:25 with traditional approaches and above

3:28 all budgets they remain flat so how can

3:31 service providers scale up to these

3:33 needs create differentiated value and

3:36 gain longer profitability for the long

3:38 term too

3:39 the only way to solve this dilemma is by

3:42 transforming networks with Cloud Metro

3:44 it primes service providers for

3:46 exceptional TCO benefits sustainable

3:48 profit and exceptional business outcomes

3:51 Cloud Metro becomes an innovation

3:53 Powerhouse with AI intelligence and

3:56 Cloud efficiency it reduces a Reliance

3:58 on physical infrastructure it improves

4:00 staff workloads and it reduces

4:02 operational expenses too the 400g high

4:05 performance power and space efficient

4:07 designs they give you greater TCO

4:09 savings and increased longevity really

4:12 future-proofing investments in addition

4:14 pay as you grow flexibility and breadth

4:16 of interface options enables service

4:18 providers to spend economically and in

4:21 line with demands so reflecting on all

4:24 of this it's clear the Metro presents

4:26 the biggest growth opportunity for

4:28 service providers today and into a more

4:31 sustainable future that's why it's time

4:33 to utilize technology for your people

4:35 your planet and your profit with juniper

4:38 Cloud Metro

4:40 foreign

4:43 [Music]

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