Ronald van Loon, Principal Analyst and CEO, Intelligent World

The Next Generation of Metro Networks: AI, Cloud and Sustainability

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Ronald van Loon
Still image of a slide that has the words ‘THE NEXT GNERATION OF METRO NETWORKS’ across the top with the words ‘AL, CLOUD AND SUSTAINABILITY’ on the line below.  Under that copy there is a round picture of Sally Bament, Vice President of Service Provider Marketing at Juniper Networks and to the right of Sally is a round picture of Ronald van Loon, Principal Analyst and CEO, Intelligent World.

Ronald van Loon, Top Global AI & IoT Influencer, Juniper Networks Partner & CEO at Intelligent World and Sally Bament, Vice President of Service Provider Marketing at Juniper Networks talk about the next generation of metro networks involving AI, aloud and sustainability.

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You’ll learn

  • The challenges for metro networks

  • The three main pillars in the Juniper Metro solution

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Ronald van Loon
Ronald van Loon
Principal Analyst and CEO, Intelligent World

Guest speakers

Sally Bament Headshot
Sally Bament
VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks


0:00 welcome to Mobile World Congress 2023

0:02 here in Barcelona and we're here at the

0:04 Juniper Booth we're going to talk about

0:06 Metro Network which are very important

0:08 for the user experience for everybody on

0:10 the internet and I'm here with Sally

0:12 bement and you're the vice president

0:14 sales providers

0:16 um Ford marketing and you know

0:19 everything about Metro networks thank

0:22 you let's talk about it so what kind of

0:24 challenges do you see in the market with

0:26 Metro networks yeah so first of all

0:28 listen the way we consume content the

0:31 way we connect to it and the way we

0:33 connect to each other has changed

0:34 dramatically particularly over the last

0:37 couple of years that tied with the

0:39 accelerated growth of 5G and Edge

0:41 compute it's changed Network traffic in

0:44 fundamentally two ways just the sheer

0:46 volume of it but also the traffic flows

0:49 instead of flowing north to south most

0:52 of that traffic stays within the Metro

0:54 within the access aggregation Network

0:56 and that's created some challenges for

0:58 operators more traffic more complexity

1:01 more security vulnerabilities and they

1:04 have all this to deal with while dealing

1:06 with this transition so things are going

1:09 to change for operators and you're in

1:12 marks all the time so how do you see

1:14 these type of changes how do you solve

1:15 it at Juniper yeah so listen at the end

1:18 of the day the what we call traditional

1:20 Metro or the Retro Metro of the past is

1:22 just not going to support this change

1:25 and transformation and we really see

1:28 that operators are looking for ways to

1:31 enable themselves to have a sustainable

1:33 business growth and we view it in three

1:35 basic ways they need to think about

1:37 their own profits they need to think

1:38 about people both the network operators

1:41 as well as the users that are connected

1:42 to the network and they also need to

1:44 think about the planet which is the

1:46 whole sustainability and they all have

1:48 sustainability targets so um Juniper's

1:51 Cloud Metro we believe is a category

1:54 defining solution in the market really

1:57 consists of three main solution pillars

1:59 us first of all a AI enabled Cloud

2:05 delivered automation portfolio and that

2:07 really allows service providers to roll

2:11 out Services quicker so obviously that

2:12 helps with from a user perspective and

2:15 also

2:16 detect and recover from issues in the

2:20 network before users find them so that's

2:22 number one number two we have a whole

2:25 Suite of platforms of Metro platforms

2:27 the focus of these Metro platforms are

2:30 system longevity to reduce E-Waste and

2:33 also some energy and space efficiencies

2:36 as well again very important for the

2:38 planet and the third and last area is

2:41 just the architecture itself making sure

2:44 that security is embedded in zero trust

2:47 security and that essentially the

2:49 ability to assure a fantastic service

2:52 experience by embedding active Service

2:55 agents into the actual platforms

2:57 themselves is in there and connected

2:59 security is connected all the way

3:00 through the Cloud solution I think it's

3:02 quite unique any announcements that you

3:05 have yeah interesting you say that two

3:07 announcements first of all this morning

3:09 we announced a win with tele Columbus

3:11 that's a service provider in Germany and

3:15 they're deploying our Cloud Metro

3:16 solution really for the sustainability

3:18 benefits as well as the system longevity

3:21 and some of the cost efficiencies

3:23 they're getting from that

3:23 congratulations thank you and then the

3:26 second we're very excited to have been

3:28 shortlisted for the best Cloud solution

3:30 in the gsma glomo awards and the winner

3:33 is going to be announced tomorrow so

3:35 we're very curious thank you listen to

3:36 that and you were mentioning it already

3:38 a couple of times sustainability is key

3:41 yes what are some key metrics how do you

3:44 help the the sustainable environment

3:46 yeah tell me all about it yeah so a

3:48 couple of uh metrics um probably the the

3:51 one that everyone talks about is energy

3:53 efficiencies and with this new platform

3:55 uh we can support up to 77

3:59 more power efficiency compared to other

4:02 platforms on the market today and then

4:05 the other element is system longevity

4:07 installer system and let it you know

4:10 stay in the network to reduce E-Waste

4:12 and we support four to seven years

4:15 longer system life bringing those

4:17 systems up to 12 years plus so that's

4:20 huge in terms of sustainability and I'm

4:22 Dutch so I like this energy consumption

4:25 reduction of 72 especially here in

4:27 Europe where the energy prices sky went

4:30 Sky High selling it was nice talking to

4:33 you thank you for all the great insights

4:35 and for the audience thank you for

4:37 watching and we're looking forward to

4:38 seeing you next time thank you

4:44 [Music]

4:46 [Applause]

4:48 [Music]

4:54 thank you

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