Session Smart Routing Demo: Implementing a Full Mesh Topology

Demo Drop SD-WAN
 Enterprise Conductor map of the United States showing locations of Juniper routers.

It’s so easy to set up full mesh topologies

The Juniper WAN solution supports highly flexible topologies, including full mesh. See how it’s done in just under one minute. 

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You’ll learn

  • About a powerful topology concept called Interface Neighborhoods

  • How to set up tunnel-free routing between applicable Session Smart routers

  • How mesh capabilities allow for best-in-class scalability compared to other approaches

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders



0:01 the juniper wand solution supports

0:03 highly flexible topologies

0:05 including full mesh which will be

0:07 demonstrated this is done using a simple

0:10 yet powerful topology concept called

0:12 interface neighborhoods within the

0:14 global configuration hosted on the

0:16 session smart conductor

0:18 based on the topology type plus the

0:20 neighborhood name

0:21 this will automatically set up

0:22 tunnel-free secure vector routing peers

0:25 between applicable session smart routers

0:28 here we have created a full regional

0:30 secure vector routing mesh across all

0:32 routers in the larger seattle area based

0:35 on this setup each of the routers will

0:37 calculate

0:37 link availability and path performance

0:40 to all of the peers within this mesh

0:42 the full mesh capabilities allow for

0:44 best-in-class scalability when compared

0:47 to tunnel-based approaches

0:48 and additional flexibility where the

0:50 same logical network interface can

0:52 participate in any additional network

0:56 topologies

0:59 you

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