Network Overload 

Video still of a man in an office looking toward another man. A large whiteboard with a drawing of circles interconnected by lines is in the background.

Don’t stress over your network. Rely on Juniper Paragon Automation. 

Bob’s network is stressed, and so is he! Should he be worried, or is there a solution? Discover how Juniper’s Paragon Automation can de-stress even the most challenging situation, including yours. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Paragon Automation monitors and manages potential service-impacting events

  • How Paragon Automation provides predictive analytics to identify problems before they occur

  • Why Juniper is the leader in experience-first networking 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 [comic music]

0:03 [odd machine sounds]

0:07 [noisy children]

0:23 There must be thirty kids in the break-room and we have no idea what they’re doing!

0:28 It’s ‘bring your children to work’ day.

0:30 No!

0:32 I mean, is it worldwide?

0:34 What if every parent has brought their child to work today?

0:38 Yes, it happens every year.

0:39 But what about our network?

0:41 Can we accommodate that kind of change?

0:43 From kids connecting through school, to kids connecting at home, to kids connecting in the office?

0:46 It's a lot of kids,

0:48 I mean connections!

0:50 Don’t you people understand?

0:51 They have computers and those phone things.

0:54 They’ll all be playing Fruit Candy Crush Ninja and Mario Birds!

0:58 Our network will be swamped by exploding penguins, streaming videos,

1:03 and what if they all decide to create and share personal videos of their experience!

1:07 Don’t worry!

1:08 We've implemented network automation from Juniper Networks.

1:11 Juniper automation provides insights into how our network,

1:14 its devices and services, are performing in real-time.

1:18 That's right,

1:19 with Juniper, we can identify congestion, increasing latency,

1:23 and other potential service-impacting events in the network and reroute traffic around them.

1:28 Juniper combines real-time, streaming telemetry and machine learning to provide predictive analytics,

1:34 so we can even identify problems before they occur.

1:37 And their closed-loop automation capabilities provide the ability to resolve the problems for us, automatically.

1:47 You can do all that from here?

1:51 Would you like me to find the owner of that bag?

1:55 Wow!

1:56 You can do that too?

1:58 Yes, of course.

1:59 [comic music]

2:12 [noisy children]

2:13 Has anyone lost this?

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