Stefan Vallin, Senior Product Manager, Juniper Networks

Automating Network Service Assurance — Is Device Telemetry Enough?

 Stefan Vallin Headshot
Photo of Stefan Vallin, who is part of the Juniper Paragon Automation team, holding a craft beer standing in front of a panel that shows the temperatures of brewing kettles.

Brewing beer and network quality — what??

Juniper’s Stefan Vallin visited a brewery to answer a common question: Is device telemetry the single measurement tool needed to measure network quality? The answer, he says, is ‘no’ — and shows why by comparing it to craft beer brewing.

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You’ll learn

  • How measuring network quality is similar to guaranteeing the quality of a craft beer 

  • Why device telemetry cannot on its own effectively assess service quality 

  • Why Paragon Active Assurance is the solution you need to monitor the health of your network 

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 Stefan Vallin Headshot
Stefan Vallin
Senior Product Manager, Juniper Networks