Stefan Vallin, Senior Product Manager, Juniper Networks

Automating Network Service Assurance — Is Device Telemetry Enough?

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Photo of Stefan Vallin, who is part of the Juniper Paragon Automation team, holding a craft beer standing in front of a panel that shows the temperatures of brewing kettles.

Brewing beer and network quality — what??

Juniper’s Stefan Vallin visited a brewery to answer a common question: Is device telemetry the single measurement tool needed to measure network quality? The answer, he says, is ‘no’ — and shows why by comparing it to craft beer brewing.

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You’ll learn

  • How measuring network quality is similar to guaranteeing the quality of a craft beer 

  • Why device telemetry cannot on its own effectively assess service quality 

  • Why Paragon Active Assurance is the solution you need to monitor the health of your network 

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 Stefan Vallin Headshot
Stefan Vallin
Senior Product Manager, Juniper Networks


00:01 stefan valen previously emphasized the

00:03 importance of measuring network quality

00:05 at the data plane very much the same way

00:07 you guarantee the quality of a craft

00:09 beer but we have received questions on

00:12 device telemetry is that not the single

00:14 measurement tool that's needed

00:16 okay i emphasize for active assurance

00:19 you should be measuring at the data

00:21 plane inject synthetic traffic so you

00:23 can measure loss latency etc directly

00:26 with the proper tools

00:28 you might ask yourself then what about

00:30 device telemetry isn't device telemetry

00:33 the way to go forward to measure the

00:36 service quality

00:37 well device telemetry is important but

00:40 it gives you the state of the devices it

00:42 doesn't really give you the health of

00:43 the network service let us compare that

00:45 with the brewery so in front of you here

00:48 you have the control panel of the

00:49 brewery

00:50 you see

00:51 measurements per capital so you can see

00:54 the temperature of each individual

00:56 kettle

00:57 sort of comparable with device telemetry

00:59 per device

01:01 but looking at

01:03 individual kettles the individual status

01:05 of each kettle

01:08 go from there to understand the bear

01:10 quality i would say is really impossible

01:13 we could try with a lot of data

01:15 analytics

01:16 to infer the health of the beer from

01:19 these individual kettles but that is

01:22 close to impossible

01:23 so that's the same thing with device

01:25 telemetry it tells you the health of the

01:27 device the kettle but it doesn't really

01:30 tell you the health of the network

01:32 service so measure the network service

01:34 directly by active assurance

01:39 [Music]

01:43 you

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