Brooks Westbrook, Chief Architect, Cloud Vertical, Juniper Networks

Driving Network Simplicity With Software Disaggregation

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Diagram in a half circle. The outer ring at the top says, “External Tooling (ZTP, Puppet…) and Controllers.” Inside that are six segments that say, from left to right, “SENSORS Streaming Telemetry. PLATFORM. MANAGEMENT Mgmt Plane API (SNMP, NETCONF, CLI, OpenConfig). RPD JET Control Plane API. 3rd PARTY. FWD Forwarding Plane API (OpenFlow, P4, AFI).” Inner half circle has a hard drive icon and the text “State DB.” Along the bottom are two horizontal bars. The top one has a Linux icon and the text “Linux.” The lower bar says, “Hardware.”

Let’s talk about software disaggregation – and what’s in it for you.

Disaggregation is more than just a buzzword. Find out what software disaggregation means to Juniper as a business — and for you as a customer — in this video with Juniper’s Brooks Westbrook and Raghu Mallya. 

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You’ll learn

  • What software disaggregation means in the context of Junos as an operating system 

  • Why network operators should care about software disaggregation (hint: there are a lot of benefits)

  • How Juniper’s principled architecture for systems moving forward ultimately delivers what network operators have been asking for 

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Network Professionals Business Leaders


Brooks Westbrook Headshot
Brooks Westbrook
Chief Architect, Cloud Vertical, Juniper Networks 

Guest speakers

Raghu Mallya
VP Fellow of Platform Development, Juniper Networks