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Automating Network Service Assurance — Experience-First Networking Enables Creativity

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Image of singer-songwriter Matty McKechnie, better known as Graven, plus text that says, “How Experience-First Networking allows creators to unleash their creativity.”

Running a network is like being a musician.

What can a successful musician tell you about running modern networks? Juniper’s Kevin Landry talks with singer-songwriter Matty McKechnie, better known as Graven, to find out.

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You’ll learn

  • How changes in the telecom industry are allowing creativity to happen at a more rapid pace

  • How network automation is continually evolving to assure a better end-user experience 

  • What Juniper Paragon Active Assurance can do to make a network operator’s life easier

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Kevin Landry
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

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Matty McKechnie
Musical Artist Graven 


0:01 maddie mckechnie known by his musical

0:03 artist name is graven is one of canada's

0:06 rising singer songwriters and with his

0:08 new album slated for release soon he is

0:11 busy in the recording studio so what are

0:13 the similarities between being a

0:15 successful performer and running modern

0:17 networks let's find out

0:22 [Music]

0:28 [Applause]

0:31 you know sometimes you get the

0:32 opportunity to mix business and pleasure

0:35 and today i'm delighted to be talking

0:37 with singer-songwriter maddie mckechnie

0:39 known as graven in my opinion he's got

0:41 the best job in the world although i

0:44 love my job

0:45 who wouldn't want to be networking it

0:47 was still a surprise to realize that we

0:49 had a lot in common a lot more than i

0:51 could have imagined so thanks for

0:53 joining us hey kevin after you told me

0:55 about juniper networks and their way of

0:57 being authentic

0:58 and making a meaningful difference i

0:59 felt there was a really great alignment

1:02 in what we represent because it's

1:04 exactly what my music is about too

1:07 and i love touring and playing live

1:08 obviously the best but during the

1:10 pandemic it's been really difficult to

1:13 do that so i've had to adapt and pivot

1:16 and find other creative ways to reach

1:18 people with my music on the internet

1:20 through social media and through

1:22 instagram live streams

1:24 i get it i get it so social media and

1:27 live streaming are just one part of what

1:29 our audience here and telecom networking

1:32 operations enables because they're the

1:34 ones who build out the internet and

1:37 connect our applications through their

1:39 networks they're actually the ones who

1:41 safeguard or should safeguard our end

1:43 user experience across these networks so

1:46 that things like live streaming just

1:48 work without lags and interruption do

1:50 you get that oh all the time it's

1:53 actually pretty irritating sometimes

1:55 when the live streams lock up

1:57 many times i've had to restart the

1:59 session and then i lose the recording

2:01 completely and then people start

2:02 complaining through the comments

2:05 you never know what will happen

2:07 yeah yeah in general it's a difficult

2:09 problem for our audience to solve

2:11 because more and more of their networks

2:13 are becoming outside of the scope of

2:14 their control ban and that's because

2:17 they have to connect their services

2:18 through third-party partners and to

2:20 cloud providers right i sure wish they

2:22 could do their job better i mean i don't

2:24 know anything about the work that your

2:26 audience does

2:28 but i do know when the internet doesn't

2:30 work for me it means i can't play my

2:32 music and reach my fans and the thursday

2:34 night graventown shows are literally the

2:36 way i support my family so it's

2:38 extremely important to me that it works

2:40 the way i need it to when i want it to

2:43 well the good news is that things are

2:45 going to be getting better on that front

2:47 our industry is faced with a lot of

2:49 evolution in the way that our network

2:51 expert audience here works and that's

2:53 what's going to allow them to be more

2:55 creative so that's actually why i wanted

2:57 to speak with you today this is where we

2:59 connect you see processes in our telecom

3:03 industry are becoming more agile and

3:05 iterative so that creativity is actually

3:07 now happening at a more rapid pace

3:10 network automation systems are

3:11 continuously being developed and this

3:13 allows for more innovation and creative

3:16 engineering initiatives that are going

3:18 to help assure that the end outcome is

3:20 those incredible customer experiences

3:23 for end users like you across their

3:25 networks

3:26 so that you're not going to have all

3:28 those annoying problems with the live

3:29 streams in the future hey that's all i

3:32 want it should just work so that i can

3:35 do my thing and sing my songs right

3:37 and now i kind of see where this is

3:39 going too i see the similarity when it

3:41 comes to the creative process so i'm

3:44 constantly testing out and trying things

3:46 out before my songs take shape into

3:48 their final form

3:50 yeah well you hit upon something really

3:52 important when you said constantly

3:54 testing and trying things out you see

3:56 when our networking expert audience here

3:58 gets creative with innovating their new

4:00 telecom service offerings then many

4:03 times they really don't know whether

4:05 they're going to be encountering

4:06 performance problems with lags and

4:08 interruption like you've been seeing

4:10 until their customers actually complain

4:13 and that's the big problem we've

4:15 conducted a study of 200 enterprise

4:18 customers in the us that actually showed

4:20 us that more than 60 percent of these

4:22 problems are actually not being caught

4:24 by the telecom network operators and

4:27 that's a big gap that our audience here

4:29 might not have a solution for

4:31 to make sure that the end result is

4:33 great quality service that we want

4:37 so the great news is that juniper

4:39 networks has a solution to this problem

4:41 called paragon active assurance and it

4:43 allows the quality of our services to be

4:46 tested from an end user perspective

4:48 across the whole service delivery chain

4:50 whether they own the network the traffic

4:52 passes through or not

4:54 it's because the solution uses synthetic

4:56 traffic on the data plan so that it can

4:59 test across even third-party partner

5:01 networks and into clouds and data center

5:03 service chains where their applications

5:05 are hosted

5:06 in fact the idea of testing out and

5:08 trying out my ideas through my creative

5:11 process is pretty similar in the sense

5:13 that every song is unique

5:16 for me and it always has to come from my

5:18 own feelings

5:19 and experiences in life so there's no

5:21 real normal for me but i'd rather try to

5:24 write songs pretty organically

5:27 i guess it's all about creating those

5:28 bespoke moments and special experiences

5:31 for your audience

5:32 let me ask you a question so what would

5:35 happen to all of this including your

5:37 creative process if you were say signed

5:39 by a record label and all of a sudden

5:41 they would introduce really tight

5:43 deadlines for you to meet a certain

5:44 quote of songs and produce a lot of new

5:47 music at an even faster pace

5:49 like do you think that freeing yourself

5:51 from that kind of stress by being an

5:53 independent artist is actually the

5:55 reason why you could stay true to

5:56 yourself and your vision for your music

5:59 so that you could be more open and free

6:01 to drive your own success yes i actually

6:03 really love the freedom of being

6:05 independent

6:06 and i actually don't know how musicians

6:08 working with labels can deal with that

6:10 kind of pressure it must totally stifle

6:12 their creativity

6:14 absolutely all of us definitely would

6:17 like to have more time for our families

6:19 for being active for being creative and

6:22 you sound like you really know what's

6:24 best for you and your creativity

6:26 also through listening to you i totally

6:28 now see the similarity between this and

6:30 the challenges of our telecom network

6:32 operators

6:33 it's all about how our network

6:35 automation software can bring more of

6:37 that precious time needed to be creative

6:40 while reducing anxiety through being

6:42 able to test that everything being put

6:44 out is delivering amazing experiences

6:48 maddie thank you for sharing your

6:50 experiences with us today

7:00 [Applause]

7:00 [Music]

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