Paragon Active Assurance Network Performance Audit Service Datasheet

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Service Overview

Paragon Active Assurance Network Performance Audit Service quickly identifies problematic nodes and reports actual network performance in a fixed environment or in mobile backhaul. The service helps to proactively resolve issues before they impact end users.

The Juniper Global Services team can configure a single strategically located test agent to audit thousands of end points through data collection. The collected data is used to monitor and evaluate network performance, providing deeper insights into service performance and trends. This service delivers a real-time view of network performance through a comprehensive audit performed by Juniper Paragon Services experts.


Service Description

As networks grow more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to gain visibility into network performance, understand how services are delivered, and track how performance affects user experience. Juniper® Paragon Active Assurance Network Performance Audit Service, offered by Juniper Global Services, provides complete visibility into the network and how it is performing. This service gives you a comprehensive audit that reports detailed findings gathered from network quality metrics, helping to identify regions or sites with the lowest performance.

To get the most from your Paragon Active Assurance Network Performance Audit Service investment, a single low-footprint, software-based test agent is deployed at the edge of the core network, and synthetic data is sent to multiple recipients equipped with reflector functionality. The traffic is then bounced back by network equipment, continuously monitoring thousands of end points simultaneously. 

The Paragon Active Assurance Network Performance Audit Service extends basic network quality metrics to dozens of KPIs. The data gathered is further analyzed, providing deeper insight into service performance and trends, with findings presented in the audit report.

The audit service will:

  • Provide visibility into the perceived quality of your network performance
  • Pinpoint issues and assess their severity
  • Prioritize the most important issues
  • Identify regions and sites with the most problems
  • Determine the types of faults (such as QoS misconfigurations) detected and the direction in which they are occurring


Paragon Active Assurance Network Performance Audit Service Methodology

The Paragon Active Assurance Network Performance Audit Service execution methodology includes the following: 

  • Audit method description workshop, which provides a summary of the audit specifications, aligns expectations, and assesses the current state of the network. 
  • Configuration of Test Agent and Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) monitoring, including suggestions for the optimal configuration of the test agent in the Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) environment.
  • Audit findings summary presentation, delivered by the Juniper Services team and to your cross-functional teams.  Participants will learn about the reported metrics and insights gathered from analyzing the collected data.



Figure 1: Paragon Active Assurance Performance Audit map view, summary page, and regional delay vs. time screens

ComponentsDescriptionFeatures and Benefits
Audit method description workshop

Juniper holds technical workshop to discuss audit specifications and align expectations.

  • Provides access to Juniper expert consultants to identify your unique business and technical requirements and customize solution delivery based on business needs.
Configuration of test agent and TWAMP monitoringThe Juniper Global Services customer infrastructure team assesses the hosting environment and based on the workshop outcome recommends installation best practices for the test agent. Additionally, a Juniper consultant will create the configuration for the TWAMP monitoring that will be used to gather data for further analysis in the next phase.
  • Identifies the optimal configuration for the test agent.
  • Prevents artificial packet loss and jitter seen in the test and monitors results.
Audit findings summary presentationJuniper presents the findings (packet loss, latency, jitter, and more) and intelligence gathered from the collected data over a one-week period. Overall network performance is unveiled and uncovered issues are presented.
  • Ensures that your network performance is optimized by providing detailed information about network quality and identifying issues at the right time.


Ordering Information

To order Juniper® Paragon Active Assurance, the Paragon Active Assurance Network Performance Audit Service, or for additional information, please contact your Juniper account manager.


Education Services

Education Services offers a two-day Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN (PAAW) training course for network engineers working on Paragon Active Assurance. Additionally, engineers have the option to purchase an All-Access Training Pass that provides access to every Juniper instructor-led or on-demand (self-paced) training course for a full year, for one low price.



The scope of this service is for deploying Juniper Paragon Active Assurance features only and does not include separately sold assessment, design, or migration services. If you require additional services from your Juniper Professional Services consultant, please contact your Juniper account manager.


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