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Automated WAN—Congestion Avoidance

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Automate network congestion avoidance with Juniper Paragon Automation.

Network congestion can negatively impact customer experiences, but not if you prevent it before they notice the problem. Watch how simple congestion avoidance is with Juniper Paragon Automation, which lets you keep your networks running hotter by automating the avoidance of congestion through autonomous networking optimization triggered by network equipment utilization.

See congestion avoidance in action.

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You’ll learn

  • The benefits of congestion avoidance

  • How to use active label-switched-path (LSP) monitoring to measure congestion

  • How to set a utilization threshold to activate Juniper Networks Paragon’s automated rerouting for congestion avoidance

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Paul Notzold Headshot
Paul Notzold
Director, Juniper Networks


0:02 [Music]

0:04 hi I'm going to show you a quick

0:06 demonstration of congestion avoidance a

0:09 juniper Paragon use case with congestion

0:12 avoidance you can deliver guaranteed

0:15 slas unlocking new Enterprise revenue

0:17 streams in the process reduce human

0:20 error by automating Common manual tasks

0:23 and prevent customer impacting issues by

0:26 resolving root causes before the

0:29 customer notices the problem so let's

0:31 dive into it starting with active LSP

0:35 monitoring we're measuring congestion

0:37 through Telemetry data and at a glance

0:40 we can see one particular link running

0:42 hot over 80% utilization here we see

0:46 three tunnels passing through the

0:48 heavily utilized link to deal with this

0:51 all we have to do is set a utilization

0:53 threshold and Juniper Paragon takes care

0:55 of the rest as soon as the moving

0:57 average utilization crosses that

0:59 threshold old for any router in the

1:01 network Juniper Paragon will recalculate

1:04 all paths and tunnels effectively

1:06 redistributing the load throughout the

1:08 network so that no single link is

1:10 running too hot and without impacting on

1:13 customer experience this is where

1:16 automated rerouting comes in within just

1:19 a few seconds of setting the threshold

1:21 Juniper Paragon recalculates and re

1:24 optimizes the tunnels running through

1:26 the network to fulfill the intent of

1:29 reducing U ization below the threshold

1:32 for all links we can see it happening

1:34 from the colorcoded dashboard the tunnel

1:37 is now passing through a different

1:38 router Distributing the traffic such

1:41 that now no interface throughout our

1:44 network has utilization above the

1:46 threshold we set run your network hotter

1:49 with congestion avoidance a juniper

1:52 Paragon automation use

1:58 case

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