Paul Notzold, Director, Juniper Networks

The Only Data Center That Plays Nice With Others

The Juniper Garage Data Center
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The image is of The Juniper Garage host Paul Notzold looking up toward a neon green Juniper sign smiling with his hands placed together under his chin. The words, “The only multivendor data center” appear below him.

The time to upgrade your data center is now.

With Juniper industry-leading data center solutions, you get the flexibility of having multiple vendors all under one umbrella. Watch this episode of the Juniper Garage to discover why Juniper Apstra intent-based networking software is the ideal solution for any budget.

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You’ll learn

  • The capabilities and benefits of the Apstra multivendor system and how it simplifies your operations

  • How Juniper helped Atos solve their pressing multivendor concerns and modernize their operations

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Paul Notzold Headshot
Paul Notzold
Director, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Emmeline Wong Headshot
Emmeline Wong
Product Manager, Data Center, Juniper Networks
Lee Wright Headshot
Lee Wright
Global CTO, Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure Business, Atos


0:00 when it comes to Data Centers it can be

0:02 impossible to manage them with

0:04 reliability and

0:06 efficiency it can be

0:09 pretty restrictive but it doesn't have

0:13 to be that way see

0:19 why hi I'm Paul welcome to the Juniper

0:23 garage right now operators are

0:25 struggling with Legacy data centers

0:29 struggling with things like complex

0:32 operations lack of budget and resources

0:35 and vendor lock in with the best

0:38 automation insight and Assurance in the

0:41 business you will not have to deal with

0:44 any of that but don't take it from me

0:47 let's bring in our resident expert

0:50 emilene it's great to be here so imagine

0:54 trying to operate your data center like

0:56 this

0:58 guy

1:01 forced to do complex tasks over and over

1:04 again without ever making any progress

1:07 but we have Advanced Data Center

1:09 operations by using repeatable

1:11 blueprints with continuous validation to

1:14 simplify tasks and assure they are

1:16 always done correctly with our

1:19 multivendor capabilities you get

1:21 strategic flexibility so that you don't

1:23 need a specialist for Arista a

1:25 specialist for Cisco and definitely

1:27 don't need one for Juniper because

1:30 eliminate the complexity of managing

1:32 different vendors it all works with what

1:34 you have and this is made possible with

1:37 juniper abstra abstra allows you to

1:40 manage multiple data centers from a

1:42 single management even if those data

1:44 centers use different Hardware vendors

1:48 for example we have one Data Center in

1:50 New York with juniper devices another

1:53 one in Pennsyvania with one vendors

1:55 devices and a third in California with a

1:58 different vendors devices

2:00 by automating all of this we give the

2:02 best solution for any budget thanks

2:05 emene Beam on down

2:08 anytime and we're not the only ones

2:11 excited by our data center Solutions

2:13 hear how Juniper helped atos solve their

2:16 multivendor concerns what we need from a

2:19 um a data center is is something that

2:20 allows us to um model the whole network

2:24 uh and create a A system that is not

2:27 just a point BYO automated platform the

2:30 other thing that really was quite

2:32 powerful was the fact it was multivendor

2:33 uh and the fact that it was able to to

2:36 manage most of our infrastructure if not

2:38 all of our infrastructure from a sing

2:40 Single um management platform uh allowed

2:43 us to create very simple very strict

2:47 reference architectures if you like uh

2:49 across the different vendors want to

2:51 learn more about a data center that

2:53 delivers endtoend

2:55 Assurance watch our demos and see how

2:58 our Aid driven solution

3:00 make your life

3:02 [Music]

3:07 easier

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