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When picking an enterprise network vendor, it feels like you only have two choices: Single-vendor or best-of-breed. Simplicity or the best network capabilities. One way or the other, it feels like a compromise.

Compromise no more with Juniper’s Unified AI-Driven Enterprise.

Discover how a unified solution with best-in-breed Wireless, Wired, LAN, SD-WAN, and Security uses your data to give you unprecedented visibility and deep insights into every corner of your network — all while vastly simplifying operations.

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Join our demo to learn how to configure and maintain networks that are predictable, reliable, and measurable using our comprehensive access-layer product portfolio and cloud services, driven by Mist AI™.

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You’ll learn

  • How to bring together best-in-breed Wireless, Wired, LAN, SD-WAN, Security and Services in a common cloud and AI-Driven engine 

  • How to make your entire network easier to operate 

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Paul Notzold Headshot
Paul Notzold
Director, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Lauren Grenier
Sales & Marketing Manager, Granite Telecom


0:04 Hi. I'm Paul. Welcome to Juniper Networks.

0:08 It seems like when it came to building a unified enterprise network,

0:12 you only had two options. There's best of breed which gives you all the best network capabilities

0:17 but with different vendors which can lead to an overly complex operator experience.

0:22 Then there's single vendor, maybe easier to run because all the pieces speak the same language,

0:28 but you're locked in and definitely not getting the best across your network.

0:32 Compromise no more with Juniper's AI-driven enterprise.

0:36 It brings together best in breed: wireless, wired,

0:40 LAN, SD-WAN, security and services in a common cloud and AI engine.

0:46 This makes your entire network easier to operate

0:50 and gives you unprecedented visibility into what is really going on.

0:55 So when something goes wrong or not,

0:58 you've got answers and can pinpoint whatever needs attention.

1:02 Plus, you can add Marvis to the mix,

1:05 your very own AI powered network assistant

1:08 for proactive recommendations and self driving network operations.

1:13 Marvis even has natural language understanding

1:15 so you can just straight up ask it what you wanna know.

1:19 Let's have a chat with Marvis now. Hey,

1:23 Marvis. Glad you could join us.

1:25 So our CEO was having an issue with his video call today and we need to solve the issue.

1:33 It was at the office at 11:30,

1:35 this is great. I can see across the full stack and it looks like it's the WAN.

1:40 Let's dig into the WAN. Ah, looks like we have too much jitter.

1:44 Thanks, Marvis. How is this level of automation,

1:49 insight, and assurance possible? A common SaaS cloud with a

1:54 microservices architecture which gathers all the

1:57 data from every corner of your network breaking down the walls that stand between

2:02 you and delivering an amazing experience.

2:06 Oh Yeah!

2:08 Now, see how Juniper partner Granite Telecommunications is using our unified stack

2:12 and common SaaS cloud to deliver a service offering that meets demand,

2:17 accelerates deployment, and doesn't lock you in.

2:20 Cutting out the hardware middleman

2:22 and leveraging Juniper's low compute software has enabled Granite to provide very

2:27 high quality technology at a very low total cost of ownership.

2:31 When Canadian Tire needed a solution to enhance their customer experience,

2:35 they chose Juniper's unified stack to accelerate their strategies.

2:39 Also, when we demoed our unified stack at networking field day,

2:43 this was the reaction. As you can see,

2:48 people were pretty psyched.

2:51 But catch the demo for yourself at one of our amazing weekly webinars in the links below.

2:57 See how a unified full stack solution with a common cloud

3:00 and AI engine could simplify operations

3:03 and deliver the best experience for everyone on your network.

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