Juniper Garage: AI-Native Networking Platform

The Juniper Garage AI & ML
“Juniper” is in the top left corner in cursive. The middle of the image shows a man pointing out of the screen, with the words “AI-Native: Leading an IT revolution” in white font on a green banner.

Juniper Garage: AI-Native Networking Platform

An IT revolution is upon us—a revolution led by Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Legacy systems—overly complex, highly constrained, unpredictable networks—can’t handle the demands of now. Our AI-Native Networking Platform can. With comprehensive, end-to-end AIOps, delivered from a common cloud, it makes every connection count.

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You’ll learn

  • Why AI engine, with 9 years of learning behind it, understands more data with fewer errors so you can navigate your network with confidence.

  • How AI-Native Networking proactively reduces trouble tickets and automates previously manual tasks.

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


0:00 it is the best of times it is the worst

0:03 of times for networks the Advent of AI

0:06 doth show enormous promise but Legacy

0:09 systems bring only

0:12 despair increased Network complexity

0:15 constrained resources network

0:18 unpredictability but it doesn't have to

0:20 be this way see an IT Revolution is upon

0:28 us

0:30 hi I'm Paul welcome to the Juniper

0:33 garage and whether it's work or play

0:36 every connection Counts from schools to

0:38 stores to hospitals and hotels Network

0:41 outages and poor experiences can

0:44 adversely impact your brand and your

0:47 bottom

0:50 line what's that you say you want a

0:53 [Music]

0:55 revolution well you know our AI native

0:58 networking platform can change your

1:01 world it makes every connection count

1:04 with Comprehensive endtoend AI Ops

1:07 delivered from a common Cloud it assures

1:10 the most predictable reliable end user

1:13 experiences period ensuring anyone can

1:16 connect however and whenever they want

1:19 to what matters most so what goes into

1:23 our revolutionary platform what do you

1:26 get out of it let's find out first it

1:30 gives you the right data our AI engine

1:32 has been learning for the past 9 years

1:35 uniquely designed to ingest experience

1:37 First Data it understands more with

1:40 fewer errors so you can navigate complex

1:43 networks with confidence by pulling in

1:46 real-time Telemetry from Network and

1:48 security devices from across all domains

1:51 down to the client and sessions you can

1:53 see more optimize more and predict user

1:57 experiences with Incredible accuracy

2:01 then it gives you the right real-time

2:03 response reacting to every trouble

2:06 ticket getting to root cause is a

2:08 timeconsuming manually intensive process

2:11 especially so with limited resources our

2:15 platform keeps the network running

2:17 optimally surfacing issues before they

2:20 impact user experience Marvis our

2:23 virtual Network assistant unique to

2:25 Juniper proactively notifies you when a

2:28 potential issue emerg es ask Marvis

2:31 questions in your own words get simple

2:34 answers and as you scale so do the

2:38 demands of the network that's where the

2:40 right secure infrastructure comes in our

2:43 AI Ops runs on an open and modern

2:45 microservices Cloud giving you elastic

2:48 storage power and high performance at

2:51 scale to handle workloads now and in the

2:54 future and with connected security we

2:56 protect your data and users every step

2:59 of the way all these AI native benefits

3:03 lead to some very Real Results up to 90%

3:06 fewer networking trouble tickets up to

3:09 85% reduction in networking Opex up to

3:13 50% less time on incident

3:16 resolution but don't just take my word

3:19 for it take ones from our very happy

3:21 customers Juniper network simplifies

3:24 operations for it by allowing our

3:26 Engineers to really focus on um the

3:29 complex challenges while the Juniper

3:31 network uh effectively manages and

3:35 maintains

3:36 itself want to learn more please visit

3:39 our AI native networking platform page

3:42 in the link below if you want to hear

3:44 from the experts sign up for the AI

3:47 native now virtual event today until

3:50 then you have a good

3:58 one

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