citizenM Creates Personalized Engagement for Memorable Hotel Experience with AI-Driven Network

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Elevating guest experiences at this hotel pioneer.

If you’re in the hospitality business, you’ll want to watch for ideas on bringing innovation to your properties. With help from Juniper Networks’ AI-Driven Enterprise and Connected Security solutions, citizenM’s smart hotels offer digital check-in complete with room key via a kiosk or app in less than one minute. There’s more to know, so watch this video for the complete story.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper delivers reliable Wi-Fi for guests, from streaming to in-room smart home features

  • How guests can control room temperature, lighting, and shades from an in-room tablet

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 you know for every guest and every

0:03 Ambassador every click

0:05 [Music]

0:08 counts for us it all starts with the

0:10 guest

0:12 [Applause]

0:17 experience it has to be consistently

0:19 Flawless wherever they are in the world

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0:23 Impressions really do

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0:28 time for our guests

0:31 and for our ambassadors everything at

0:33 Citizen M is

0:37 digital so being connected is a very

0:40 important part of who we

0:42 [Music]

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1:07 everything has to work every time and it

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1:12 me you have more autonomy over your

1:15 hotel experience junifer technology

1:18 helps our ambassador to create a

1:21 smoother and more organized and more

1:23 customer focus job the customers loved

1:26 everything about this place the

1:27 technology the vibe and US of

1:30 [Music]

1:32 course I think it's a true partnership

1:35 supported by smarter

1:37 technology and you know Juniper makes

1:40 all this happen efficiently for

1:42 [Music]

1:45 us

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