Lee Wright, CTO Infrastructure, Atos

Atos Deploys and Operates Data Centers Quickly, Automatically, and Seamlessly with Juniper Apstra

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CTO of Atos, Lee Wright, sits in a chair in an office as he gives the interview.

See how Juniper Apstra software helps Atos build customer trust.

Juniper Apstra® intent-based networking software automates and validates the design, deployment, and operation of data center networks. See how Atos, a leader in digital transformation, uses Apstra software to deliver network and security services with speed and consistency using automation.

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You’ll learn

  • How Atos utilizes the multi-vendor capabilities of Apstra to manage infrastructure on a single platform

  • The advantages that Apstra templates and rich dashboarding provide Atos

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Lee Wright Headshot
Lee Wright
CTO Infrastructure, Atos


0:00 atos is a number one um security cyber

0:03 security player in Europe we're a leader

0:06 in high performance compute and cloud

0:08 and we're also a leader in workplace

0:11 Services customers nowadays are

0:13 expecting quicker resolutions

0:16 um they're less able to put up with long

0:19 outages and really expect a really clear

0:23 understanding of the root causes within

0:26 the network what we need from a data

0:29 center is something that allows us to

0:31 model the whole network and create a A

0:35 system that is not just a point by Point

0:38 automated platform so one of the things

0:40 that we're looking for is a product that

0:43 allows us to orchestrate the network

0:45 from Edge to core to Cloud but also with

0:49 multi-vendor what abstra gives us is

0:51 this ability to build the networks using

0:53 templates when we looked at the price

0:55 performance of abstra and also taken

0:58 into consideration our great partnership

1:00 Juniper and its ability to do

1:04 um that have a feedback loop be simple

1:07 and declarative and also the the rich

1:10 dashboarding that comes with abstra you

1:12 know it allows you to see exactly what's

1:13 going on the network the other thing

1:16 that really was quite powerful was the

1:18 fact it was multi-vendor and the fact

1:20 that it was able to to manage most of

1:22 our infrastructure if not all of our

1:24 infrastructure from a single um

1:26 management platform allowed us to create

1:30 very simple very strict reference

1:33 architectures if you like across the

1:36 different vendors and once you build

1:38 your networks in a standard way then you

1:42 understand then what exactly what they

1:44 can do and what the performance is and

1:46 also it doesn't drift away if you're

1:48 manually configuring via by CLI or by

1:52 automatically by ansible playbooks it

1:54 can drift away from the standard

1:56 construct over time by having these

1:58 standard builds by having a secure

2:01 um and robust digital platform it then

2:05 allows customers to have the trust to

2:07 build business critical apps on that on

2:09 that digital fabric so they're confident

2:11 that what they're building on is a firm

2:13 foundation

2:15 foreign

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