Juniper Apstra Demo: Proactively address network issues with intent based analytics

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Still image of a Juniper Apstra dashboard that has a black vertical bar on the far left side with white icons on top.   Tabs are across on the top of the image that say “Dashboard,” “Analytics,” “ Staged,’ ‘Uncommitted,” “Active,” and “Time Voyager.”  The ‘Analytics’ tab is selected and showing rectangles on the left side that say Optical Xcvr Stats, Lan Stats, Summarized Interface Status, Interface Summary, Sustained Optical Threshold Anomaly, Sustained Anomaly. Next to those are 14 rows of beige colored, except the fourth line is blue, lines divided into 13 pieces horizontally.

Extinguish a network fire before it sparks!

Apstra uses closed-loop automation, analytics, and network assurance to validate your network operations and give you real-time insight into how your network is performing. 

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You’ll learn

  • How to use closed-loop automation to give you real-time insight

  • What the Apstra dashboard looks like during this process

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0:01 hard persistent failures aren't

0:03 difficult it's Shades of Gray that are

0:05 tough to find

0:06 the problem is I'm finding a needle in a

0:08 haystack it's finding a needle and a

0:10 stack of other needles

0:12 once you get the network up and running

0:14 you need to keep it running this is an

0:16 exercise in monitoring and maintenance

0:19 Tech Optics is an example in a typical

0:21 data center you're swimming in an ocean

0:23 of sfps finding the failed ones is easy

0:26 but finding the degraded ones how do you

0:28 diagnose something that is kind of

0:30 working

0:31 with appstra you can move from reacting

0:34 to a failure to acting based on a

0:36 precondition of a failure this is hugely

0:38 impactful

0:40 in this demo we're running a

0:41 multi-vendor fabric with a couple of

0:43 juniper switches and a couple of Arista

0:45 switches

0:46 apps includes a wide selection of

0:48 predefined IBA or intent-based analytics

0:50 probes

0:51 and you can create your own custom

0:53 probes

0:55 in this demo we're going to instantiate

0:57 one of the predefined IBA probes that

0:59 monitors Optical transceivers

1:04 let's look at the statistics that we're

1:06 able to collect from this probe

1:08 we can see we have Optics from different

1:10 vendors and a wealth of data from those

1:12 Optics

1:17 it's possible to filter and sort based

1:19 on that vendor field or any other

1:21 captured value

1:26 we can also drill down to view stats

1:28 within individual Lanes on multi-lane

1:30 Optics

1:34 we can see that the probe has already

1:36 raised anomalies for some of the

1:38 interfaces

1:45 we can drill down into the probes and

1:46 see exactly what's going on in this case

1:49 we're seeing a receive power threshold

1:51 warning

1:54 we can also view historical data for

1:56 each of these probes over time

1:58 in this example we're looking for

2:00 interfaces that have experienced an RX

2:02 power low warning condition in the last

2:04 hour

2:13 we can also create custom dashboards

2:15 based on these probes

2:17 so if there's a particular condition

2:18 that's important to your business it's

2:20 very easy to build dashboards that are

2:22 meaningful to you

2:23 in this example we have created a

2:25 dashboard based on this same optic probe

2:27 and can easily view any anomalies that

2:29 this probe may have uncovered

2:31 this type of insight is very powerful

2:33 when operating a network

2:35 it will help with cost avoidance by

2:37 reducing the effort needed to identify

2:38 and resolve problems it will improve

2:40 your network reliability by allowing you

2:43 to identify problems before they become

2:45 outages and it will undoubtedly lead to

2:47 happier customers by helping you

2:49 proactively address problems before they

2:51 become catastrophic failures in fact

2:53 Yahoo Japan experienced a scenario very

2:55 much like this

2:57 they were able to use these abstra IBA

2:59 probes and custom dashboards to provide

3:01 a simple way to identify these problem

3:03 Optics when the degradation began and

3:05 act on them before they caused outages

3:08 with abstra you can identify problems

3:10 early before they cause major outages

3:12 you can find that needle in the stack of

3:15 needles

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3:17 foreign

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