Juniper Apstra Demo: Adding racks to your network just got a whole lot simpler

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Discover how Apstra can add a rack to your data center network in minutes instead of hours!

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You’ll learn

  • You can do in minutes what used to take days

  • How to add a rack in Apstra following a simple workflow 

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:00 how would you like to do in minutes what

0:03 used to take days or weeks how would you

0:05 like to never hear the network team is

0:07 holding up the project ever again

0:09 adding a rack to a data center fabric

0:11 typically takes a lot of planning and

0:13 prep work

0:14 you need to design a topology for the

0:16 rack decide on connectivity assign

0:18 system IDs assign IP addresses and come

0:22 up with a routing design

0:23 then you need to do a whole lot of

0:25 typing to build the configurations for

0:27 those devices

0:28 a lot can go wrong in this process what

0:31 if the documentation isn't up to date

0:33 from the last time you added a rack and

0:35 you end up assigning the wrong IP

0:36 addresses

0:38 what if you type something wrong while

0:39 you're building those configurations

0:42 it doesn't need to be that hard

0:44 with abstra we can follow a simple

0:46 workflow to add a rack

0:48 first we'll choose a rack type in this

0:50 case we're going to deploy an evpn ESI

0:53 rack with two Leaf nodes

1:04 next we'll assign the first switch to

1:06 use as a leaf we'll choose an interface

1:08 map appropriate for our deployment

1:10 choose the device itself from a list of

1:12 devices that have been onboarded into

1:14 the App Store system and Mark that

1:16 device as ready to deploy

1:21 we could have manually assigned host

1:24 names IP addresses autonomous system

1:26 numbers and other variables but in this

1:28 case we're just going to let AppStar

1:30 assign those variables from a previously

1:31 defined pool

1:36 we'll do the same for the second Leaf in

1:38 that rack

1:46 and finally we'll commit the

1:48 configuration change

2:07 then all we have to do is sit back and

2:09 watch the dashboard update as that new

2:11 rack is automatically configured and

2:13 brought into the fabric

2:15 after a few moments the network will

2:17 converge the dashboard will turn green

2:19 and you'll be able to make a home in

2:21 time for dinner

2:26 with juniper Appster it's as easy as

2:28 that and you don't have to worry about

2:30 updating any offline documentation after

2:32 you've made the change because Appster

2:34 is your Network's single source of Truth

2:36 the addition you just made is

2:37 automatically tracked and stored in the

2:39 abstract database and is presented

2:41 through the appstra dashboard so the

2:43 changes automatically documented

2:46 and with that we've added a rack in

2:48 record time

2:50 foreign

2:53 [Music]

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