Juniper Apstra Demo: Time Voyager: Undo network configuration with just a few clicks

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Still image of a green gear symbol with a teal inline coming down from the bottom center and then splitting off to connect to a green outline of network ports.

See how Apstra can revert to the previously known working state with just a few clicks!

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You’ll learn

  • How to undo network configurations

  • What the Apstra dashboard looks like during the revert process

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:01 it's time to roll out that big new

0:03 application you're ready the app team

0:06 not so much the business is moving

0:09 forward with the new Commerce platform

0:10 to be ready for the holiday shopping

0:12 Rush

0:13 the teams have been planning and coding

0:14 for months finally today is the day

0:17 you roll out that new virtual Network to

0:19 support the application everything looks

0:21 good on your end it's time to go get a

0:23 coffee then suddenly your text messages

0:25 start blowing up

0:27 the app team found a bug in their new

0:28 app and it's pretty bad they'll get it

0:31 fixed in a few days but we need to take

0:32 that app offline right away can you undo

0:35 all those Network changes you just

0:36 implemented now if the deployment is

0:38 small it's easy enough to log into one

0:40 or two switches where you made those

0:42 config changes and re-implement the old

0:44 config if you're using junos it's really

0:46 easy with its built-in rollback feature

0:49 but what if your deployment was large

0:51 involving dozens of switches or more

0:54 now going back to a known good State

0:56 isn't so simple

0:57 appster's time Voyager feature is your

1:00 network-wide rollback easy button with

1:02 just a few clicks you can roll back

1:03 changes get back to that known Goods

1:06 State and be the hero every time

1:09 so we simply navigate to the time

1:10 Voyager tab select the revision we want

1:13 to implement

1:18 navigate to the uncommitted tab review

1:21 your changes and commit

1:29 done that's all there is to it

1:33 apps are can help you make Network

1:34 changes foolproof but sometimes even the

1:36 best of us need an easy way to travel

1:38 back in time appsource time Voyager

1:40 feature is the undo button for your

1:42 network

1:44 foreign

1:47 [Music]

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