Juniper Apstra Demo: Prevent network deviation with continuous validation

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Watch how easy it is to detect intent drift with Juniper Apstra’s single-source of truth mechanism.

Juniper Apstra’s single-source of truth mechanism ensures that the network doesn’t deviate from the intended state. See how easy it is to detect intent drift and anomalies and fix them!

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You’ll learn

  • How easy it is to detect intent drift 

  • Asptra is the single source of truth

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0:00 [Music]

0:01 so you think you know what's in your

0:03 network huh

0:04 what is your golden config and how do

0:06 you know if the golden config is what's

0:08 actually running

0:09 where is your network single source of

0:11 Truth

0:12 has your network configuration run

0:14 adrift

0:15 with Appster your single source of Truth

0:17 is the tool itself your network is

0:19 designed using the App Store intent

0:21 model and the golden config is built

0:23 from that intent model then apps are

0:26 constantly compares the operating state

0:27 of the network against that intent and

0:30 any deviation is quickly identified

0:32 deviation can be accepted to clear the

0:35 alarm or that deviation can be removed

0:37 by simply reapplying the intended config

0:40 to the device

0:43 as you can see the App Store dashboard

0:45 for this network is green there are no

0:47 anomalies

0:51 suddenly there is an alert on the

0:53 dashboard tab

0:56 the App Store dashboard tells me there

0:58 is one config deviation anomaly

1:01 clicking on that dashboard element takes

1:03 me directly to the list of anomalies and

1:05 I can easily View and act on that

1:06 anomaly from here

1:08 I can also take a look at the physical

1:10 topology view which nodes have anomalies

1:13 and see the overall status of my network

1:18 from the anomaly screen I'll select the

1:21 node experiencing the anomaly and

1:23 navigate to the config tab to view the

1:25 anomaly

1:27 from here I can see a side-by-side view

1:29 comparing the intended config with the

1:31 currently running config

1:33 navigating through the config is simple

1:35 and I can clearly see that someone

1:37 manually inserted a static route

1:49 I can choose to accept this change which

1:51 will clear the anomaly on the dashboard

1:53 but in this case I'm going to choose to

1:55 apply the full config which will restore

1:57 the device configuration to match our

1:58 intent

2:03 and everything is okay

2:05 I've removed that manually added

2:07 configuration statement and back to

2:09 operating is intended

2:12 and my dashboard is turning green again

2:16 this is a powerful thing

2:18 one of our large Enterprise customers

2:19 recently told us

2:21 we are catching configuration deviations

2:23 all the time but if we didn't have

2:25 abstra we probably wouldn't know

2:27 something had changed I can't even

2:29 imagine how often our configurations

2:31 drifted before

2:33 with appstra network configuration drift

2:35 is a thing of the past

2:37 [Music]

2:40 foreign

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