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Unlock the inspiration from over 100 Juniper customers!

The Juniper Customer Success Flipbook is the perfect place to get inspired. Learn how Juniper's AI-driven networks are helping customers from various industries—like education, retail, healthcare, and IT—connect, work, and live. Get an inside look at success stories from Juniper customers like the University of Oxford, the Gap, Yahoo! Japan, and many others. Watch this short video for a preview of what you'll find in the Flipbook.

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You’ll learn

  • The industries customers come from, including education, retail, healthcare, and IT

  • How Juniper AI-driven networks are helping customers connect, work, and live

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


Sarah Lesway-Ball Headshot
Sarah Lesway-Ball
Senior Director, Global Customer Experience, Juniper Networks


0:00 [Music]

0:03 welcome to the brilliant world of

0:05 juniper customers come take a peek at

0:08 our brand new customer flip book with me

0:11 we created this fun flip book so that

0:14 you can see proof points of our

0:15 customers amazing outcomes maybe you'll

0:19 find inspiration for your own

0:21 organization

0:22 whether you're in retail Healthcare

0:25 Cloud non-profit education or almost any

0:29 other industry you're sure to find

0:32 similar organizations using AI driven

0:35 Juniper solutions to transform how

0:38 people connect work and live

0:42 read their compelling outcomes and gain

0:44 Insight on best practices the University

0:48 of Oxford resolves network issues

0:50 quickly to keep students learning

0:53 Gap Inc reduced technical staff visits

0:56 in stores by 85 percent

0:59 automation saves Centerra Healthcare up

1:02 to 30 percent in operational expenses

1:06 and Yahoo Japan saves time with a more

1:09 efficient cloud-based data center I

1:12 invite you to check out the entire

1:14 flipbook to gain similar insights from

1:17 over 100 customers located around the

1:21 globe let their stories Inspire your

1:24 networking Journey

1:28 [Music]

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