Build a secure 5G network without compromising carrier-grade reliability

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How to stop network threats cold

Cloud, 5G, and AI innovations are creating new business opportunities for service providers, but they’re also expanding security challenges and making it more difficult to protect your network from potential threats. Fortunately, Juniper’s Connected Security approach can extend security to every point of connection, from the distributed core to the edge. Watch to learn how. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper converges the network and security to mitigate risks 

  • What makes Juniper’s approach to security and its MX Series unique and effective

  • How Juniper’s security architecture gives you exactly what you need to transform and protect your network 

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0:00 - [Narrator] Innovative 5G experiences

0:02 and demand for increased connectivity

0:05 are creating a host of new business opportunities

0:07 for service providers.

0:09 These include revolutionary offerings for consumers,

0:12 enterprises, and governments.

0:14 This is the promise of the Cloud, plus 5G, plus AI era.

0:19 At the same time,

0:20 the global cyber threat environment continues to intensify

0:23 and expanding array of new things

0:25 and new applications being connected

0:27 results in a broader attack surface.

0:30 And connecting them at scale across a more distributed,

0:33 and multi-Cloud architecture also means being exposed

0:36 to risk at scale.

0:37 Vulnerabilities proliferate in the distributed core

0:40 at the edge at endpoints.

0:42 In virtualized networks slices and beyond.

0:45 Juniper connected security

0:47 representing one of the core tenants of Juniper's Cloud

0:50 plus 5G, plus AI strategy, mitigates these risks.

0:55 We do so by converging the network and security,

0:57 extending security to every point of connection

1:00 to safeguard your users, your applications,

1:03 and your infrastructure.

1:05 Security is not a bolt-on, which is common in the industry,

1:08 but embedded at a network, system and service level,

1:12 you are now operating a threat-aware network.

1:15 Our sophisticated threat detection engine

1:17 uses patented techniques and machine learning

1:20 to increase visibility and detection rates

1:22 throughout your entire network, not just at its perimeters.

1:26 It collects data from network telemetry,

1:28 combines that with onboard threat intelligence,

1:30 and can also ingest any threat intelligence feeds

1:33 that you might need for your business.

1:35 Add to this the ability

1:36 to automate policy enforcement everywhere.

1:39 Centralized policy management and analytics

1:41 further enables the solution to deliver secure,

1:44 assured service experience.

1:46 Juniper connected security provides

1:48 a central automation framework that enables threat detection

1:51 and enforcement across firewalls, routers, switches,

1:54 and wifi access points,

1:56 including Juniper zone and third-party devices.

2:00 Juniper connected security

2:01 scales and distributes easily and cost efficiently.

2:05 Physical virtual parody of features and operations

2:07 enables best fit deployment options

2:09 for our security products.

2:12 Our MX series is unique, converging routing

2:14 and advanced security on the same platform.

2:17 MX routers mitigate advanced threats

2:19 by leveraging machine learning algorithms

2:21 and security intelligence.

2:24 We deliver security without performance degradation,

2:27 including line rate DDoS mitigation at the edge.

2:30 High performance stateful firewall,

2:32 CGNAT and URL filtering.

2:34 Our open and programmable connected security portfolio

2:37 is designed for innovating best

2:39 of breed solutions with partners.

2:42 Juniper is once again at the forefront of the industry,

2:45 we are enabling a new set

2:46 of security architecture, and use cases,

2:49 enabling your smooth transition from 4G to 5G.

2:53 This open agile architecture

2:55 combined with on-demand operational economics,

2:58 and secured, assured service experience to give you exactly

3:01 what you need to transform your business.

3:04 Juniper Networks, engineering simplicity.

3:08 (soft music)

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