Segment Routing Overview

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Can you handle the growing demands on your network? 

The constant growth of internet connectivity, network services, and cloud access poses a challenge for network operators. In exactly three minutes, this video will show you how segment routing helps you meet those challenges by simplifying your network, making it easier to manage and operate. 

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You’ll learn

  • Why you need segment routing, and how it delivers for you

  • The amazing things networks can do under a segment routing controller

  • How to get the network of the future 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 - [Narrator] Demand for internet connectivity,

0:02 network services and cloud access is soaring,

0:05 and there's no sign of it slowing down.

0:08 Mobile data traffic is growing by 42% annually

0:11 and expected to grow further with 5G.

0:14 Cloud adoption is ubiquitous and still surging,

0:17 with 96% of organizations using it.

0:19 The growth in IOT means more devices

0:22 connecting to your network than ever before.

0:25 Expectations are high.

0:27 End users want the same performance

0:28 from network hosted applications as they get

0:31 from applications running locally.

0:33 Here's the catch.

0:35 As cloud content and services go viral,

0:38 network traffic patterns are changing;

0:40 becoming less deterministic.

0:41 Yet, our networks remain static in nature

0:44 at a time when they need to be more flexible, dynamic,

0:48 and provide an immediate response to new traffic patterns.

0:51 Segment routing provides a solution.

0:54 Segment routing is changing the way providers

0:56 design, implement, and operate their network.

0:59 It simplifies network design and management

1:02 by moving network state information into the packet.

1:05 In segment routing, a path computation engine,

1:07 on the ingress router or centralized on a controller,

1:10 determines the path a packet will take through the network.

1:14 Paths can be mapped to specific customers,

1:17 specific traffic flows, classes of service,

1:20 and even to specific applications.

1:22 Changes are made through the controller's interface

1:25 and pushed to the ingress nodes automatically,

1:27 greatly simplifying network management

1:30 and making it very agile and scalable.

1:32 Under the management of a capable

1:34 segment routing controller,

1:35 networks are able to scale and recover faster.

1:38 Segment routing can also be used

1:40 for network function service chaining,

1:42 which maps network services to end users and applications.

1:46 It certainly sounds promising, but how do you get there?

1:50 Juniper Networks is leading the way

1:52 with networking solutions that achieve

1:54 the speed and efficiency required

1:56 to handle internet traffic growth

1:58 and its increasingly dynamic patterns.

2:01 At Juniper Networks,

2:02 segment routing is integral to our vision

2:04 for an end-to-end transport architecture

2:07 that simplifies network design,

2:09 implementation, and operations.

2:11 Juniper ASIC technology supports advanced

2:14 segment routing features and services.

2:17 JUNOS provides a common control plane across the network.

2:21 IPv4 and IPv6 fabrics are supported

2:24 using multiple forwarding planes.

2:26 SR-MPLS, SRv6, and SRm6.

2:30 Juniper also provides the industry's

2:33 most advanced and robust SR controller, NorthStar.

2:37 By designing a network that scales more efficiently,

2:40 responds dynamically to changing conditions,

2:42 and ensures a stringent application quality of service,

2:46 Juniper is leading the charge

2:48 to architect the network of the future.

2:51 We'd like to help you get there.

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