5G Edge Cloud to Drive New Value Creation

Slide shows the earth centered on Africa, Asia, and Australia. Sprinkled throughout are icons indicating locations of 5G towers. The key on the right has icons with text: Location icon “45 Locations,” Signal strength icon “65Tb/s Capacity,” Cloud icon “On-demand edge capabilities.”

Another reason to make Juniper your trusted partner

Service providers can unlock lucrative new revenue streams through 5G low-latency applications, but this new era of cloud, plus 5G, plus AI places huge demands on service providers’ edge networks. Discover how Juniper Distributed Edge Cloud helps you build a secure, flexible, and intelligent edge network that improves user experience.

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You’ll learn

  • How the Juniper cloud-first platform enables you to build data-center-like capabilities

  • How Juniper and StackPath are providing service providers with edge-cloud PODs

  • How you can deploy the right edge capabilities on demand in ways that make sense for your business

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:01 - [Narrator] 5G enables new low-latency applications

0:04 that let service providers

0:05 offer new services and experiences

0:07 such as cloud gaming, IoT and augmented reality.

0:12 This lets service providers

0:13 unlock lucrative new revenue streams

0:15 and reinsert themselves into the value chain.

0:18 Delivering low latency

0:19 means shifting to distributed architectures

0:21 that bring content and applications closer to end-users.

0:25 This is another promise of the Cloud + 5G + AI era.

0:30 The Cloud + 5G + AI Era places huge demands

0:34 on service provider edge networks,

0:36 with an explosion of newer edge services,

0:38 such as mobile video streaming, gaming and IoT.

0:42 This requires service providers

0:43 to deliver capacity, local compute and ultra-low latency.

0:48 Service Providers cannot meet these requirements

0:50 without a secure, flexible, intelligent edge network

0:54 that improves user experience.

0:56 They also need to manage

0:57 regulatory and data privacy concerns.

1:00 But it can be a slow, complex and expensive process

1:03 to integrate, deploy and manage

1:06 all the different technology building blocks

1:08 across thousands of sites.

1:10 Juniper Distributed Edge Cloud gives service providers

1:13 options for build-and-operate,

1:15 as well as deployment of managed edge cloud as a service.

1:18 Based on our Telco Cloud Reference Architecture,

1:21 our cloud-first platform provides a full suite

1:24 of orchestration, automation, security and analytics.

1:28 This enables you to build data-center-like capabilities

1:31 in places that never hosted them before,

1:33 such as regional offices, central offices

1:36 or point-of-presence locations.

1:39 By joining forces with StackPath,

1:41 Juniper also provides service providers with fully managed,

1:44 cloud-neutral edge cloud point-of-delivery units.

1:47 These pre-packaged edge cloud PODs

1:50 combine Juniper hardware and software

1:52 with StackPath's cloud operations platform,

1:55 established business partnerships and cloud-scale expertise.

1:59 Together, our solution offers a global

2:01 high-speed backbone network

2:02 that spans 45 edge cloud locations

2:05 and brings 65 terabytes-per-second capacity

2:08 to the world's highest-density regions.

2:11 This lets you deploy the right edge capabilities on demand

2:14 in ways that make the most sense for your business.

2:17 Juniper remains at the forefront,

2:19 helping operators transform in the Cloud + 5G + AI era.

2:24 Our open, agile architecture approach enables you

2:27 to leverage new edge compute models

2:29 and respond quickly and dynamically to market conditions.

2:33 With our on-demand economics,

2:34 you can scale easily across multiple locations

2:37 without incurring huge upfront investments.

2:40 With Juniper as your trusted partner,

2:42 you'll reduce management complexity,

2:44 preserve customer relationships

2:46 and deliver differentiated experience to customers.

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