Services for Automated WAN

Juniper delivers extensive automation expertise to help you simplify network and IT operations, minimize errors, and reduce service-quality risk. Our services assess, test, deploy, and support your environment every step of the way through your automation journey. We work with your team to identify and prioritize the use cases and workflows in your environment that stand to benefit the most from automation.

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How Juniper can help

We offer expert services that complement our state-of-the-art automation tools and platforms, helping you accelerate and manage digital transformation across all network segments in your organization.

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Juniper Paragon services suite

Juniper Paragon™ products help reduce overhead, maximize ROI, and enhance your technology stack. Accelerate implementation with Paragon Automation, Planner, Pathfinder, and Insights applications. Paragon Active Assurance quickly identifies problem nodes and real-time network performance levels.

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Data center deployment and migration

Juniper experts assist you in simplifying data center deployment and migration. Use turnkey Juniper Services for Data Center to modernize and automate your network infrastructure and boost its reliability.

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Client-to-cloud transformation

Our network specialists guide you through end-to-end network transformation as you automate operations across wired, wireless, and SD-WAN environments for optimum, AI-driven network user experiences.

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Consulting and testing

We help develop your cloud, network, and security strategies, including creating efficient technology roadmaps. We assess the technologies that can reduce infrastructure complexity through a network architecture review, helping you mitigate network modernization risks prior to deployment.

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Network validation

Juniper replicates your network topologies, configurations, and traffic flows in our physical Customer Certification Labs (CCL) and virtualized Cloud CCL to validate all planned changes before implementation. Our testing services help ensure that new technology is well integrated into your existing infrastructure, so you can optimize tech deployments with minimal to no impact on your production network.

Related solutions

Juniper Automation

Juniper builds automation into all products for programmability and offers a suite of tools to help you benefit from automation in your environment. We believe that delivering assured experience is the first (and most important) requirement for your NetOps and DevOps teams.

Juniper Paragon

The Juniper Paragon portfolio delivers closed-loop automation, translating business intent into tangible outcomes. Paragon ensures that your customers receive assured service experiences throughout the network lifecycle, from Day 0 to Day 2+.

Data Center Networks

Simplify operations and assure reliability with the modern, automated data center. Juniper helps you automate and continuously validate the entire network lifecycle to ease design, deployment, and operations.

Wired Access

The wired portfolio, coupled with wireless, combines performance and simplicity at scale, while delivering optimized experiences to users and devices with AI-driven insights and automation.

Wireless Access

AI-driven automation and insight, coupled with the agility and reliability of a microservices cloud, deliver optimized wireless access experiences and simplified network operations.

AI-Driven SD-WAN

Enrich user experiences across the WAN with AI-driven insight, automation, action, and native security.


Dimension Data automatically validates performance of its intelligent network

Digital transformation helps organizations accelerate innovation and drive operational efficiency. To help its clients unlock the power of digital in today’s hybrid IT world, Dimension Data built an intelligent network connecting 11 data centers on two continents.

Building an intelligent infrastructure was a high-stakes effort. To enable the network to work as expected from the first day and forward, Dimension Data relied on Juniper Paragon Active Assurance and Juniper Paragon Active Assurance Deployment Services for active testing and monitoring. 

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