Crazy Domains promises to take customers’ online presence from great to legendary

More than 600,000 businesses count on Crazy Domains to reach their customers online. With its roots as the biggest domain name registrar in Australia, Crazy Domains has expanded to offer web hosting, email hosting, and online marketing tools and services to small and medium businesses around the world.

Known for its crazy-good prices and friendly customer service, Crazy Domains relies on a Juniper experience-first network to help its customers establish and grow their online presence. 


Company Crazy Domains
Industry SaaS Services
Products used MX204QFX5120vSRXQFX5110EX4300
Region APAC
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Customer Success At-a-glance

2 million

Domains and websites managed


Small and midsize businesses served

Increase customer retention and advocacy with experience-first network

Simplify operations with consistent network design


Helping small and midsize businesses reach their customers online

“Having a solid network foundation is key to our opportunity for growth,” says Gavin Gibson, president of Newfold Digital International, the parent company of Crazy Domains. 

Crazy Domains has expanded rapidly, acquiring 13 companies in five years. Standardizing and integrating the digital foundation of acquired companies enables Crazy Domains to capture maximum business value. 

“We have acquired companies with anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands customers,” says Gibson. “We can add these new customers to our technology stack and apply the secret sauce we’ve created to allow our customers to accelerate their businesses online.”


A consistent tech stack is the foundation for profitable growth

Crazy Domains operates five tier-1 data centers with the highest levels of stability, uptime, and network speeds to deliver the best possible online services to its customers. 

A consistent tech stack across global operations simplifies operations. Crazy Domains honed its building-block approach in the Australian market, and then applied the design to its Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, and New Zealand operations. 

Crazy Domains relies on a flexible data center network fabric, which comprises Juniper QFX Series Switches and EX Series Ethernet Switches for the spine and leaf nodes, to scale its operations. The SRX Series Services Gateway protects data centers with high-performance, low-latency firewall services. The MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform connects data centers globally. Extensive automation makes network changes quick and easy and aligns configuration across regions. 

A consistent network design has delivered operational efficiency. “Our team supports a familiar tech stack across regions, which allows them to focus on innovation and optimization, This in turn allows us to provide both high availability and a constantly evolving set of solutions to support our customers,” says Gibson.

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Network simplicity fuels customer retention

The web hosting market is fiercely competitive, making customer retention critical for profitable growth. As Crazy Domains expanded its service portfolio and geographic reach, a Juniper experience-first network contributed to customer retention and operational efficiency. 

“With a solid foundation, we have seen our customers become advocates,” says Gibson. “Organic customer retention has improved year over year.” 

“Having a Juniper network reduced our support requirements and improved operational efficiency,” Gibson says. “That gives us the opportunity to spend more time with customers to understand their challenges and requirements to drive our business forward.”

“Growth in regional markets is important, and we have built a network framework based on Juniper in Australia and New Zealand that we can apply to other regions.”
Gavin Gibson President, Newfold Digital International
“As we have evolved, so has our engagement with Juniper. Juniper has a really resilient tech stack and is backed by a partnership providing high level support to our business.”
Gavin Gibson President, Newfold Digital International

Published November 2021