Igniting network innovation.

OpenLab, Juniper’s Center for Innovation, serves as a global resource for innovators who want to build network-integrated software applications and solutions. Juniper customers and partners, as well as educators, students, and startups, use OpenLab to refine, develop, test, demonstrate, and validate solutions that harness network intelligence and automation capabilities.

OpenLab offers hands-on and cloud-based access to Juniper and third-party solutions, with seven collaboration centers around the world. Using OpenLab resources and programs, innovators can speed development of their applications while reducing infrastructure costs and risk. From SDN sandboxes to NFV interoperability tests, OpenLab accelerates the process of innovation and, ultimately, implementation.

Inventing the Future of Networking

Technology and Solutions Learning Series

The Learning Series sessions are designed to keep your technology savvy staff up to date on key industry trends and corresponding Juniper solutions. Offered in person at OpenLab global locations or in a regional webinar format, the half- or full-day sessions include live product demonstrations, hands-on exercises for attendees, or both.

Session topics include Contrail Enterprise Multicloud, Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN), Insights into the Intelligent Cloud via AppFormix, and Junos Automation. Go here to learn more and to register.

The Throwdown Programs

The OpenLab Throwdown™ programs feature unique hands-on workshops and competitions, allowing participants to leverage advanced network automation and security technologies and build their corresponding operations skills.

  • In the Network Automation Throwdown, network operations teams can hone their programming skills while they build automation programs or scripts for customized use cases to enhance network and service provisioning and management.
  • OpenLab Network Automation Throwdown Program
  • The University SDN and Network Automation Throwdown, delivered by Juniper in conjunction with a customer, is designed for university students and focused on network automation technologies. This real-world networking challenge complements in-classroom learnings and offers students the opportunity to win technology prizes, and engage with subject matter experts and talent acquisition resources.
  • Juniper Networks University Throwdown
  • The SDSN Throwdown gives network security operations and specialist teams the full power of our security solutions to tackle an array of network security vulnerabilities and use cases.
Lab Resources

OpenLab offers an array of globally accessible software and hardware assets, along with experts to assist with automation solutions and the development of new applications.

Third-party developers can tap into Juniper's platforms and automation features while working in isolated sandbox environments for application development, testing, and training. If you would like to reserve a sandbox for the purpose of evaluating Contrail Networking and AppFormix, please click here. To learn more about OpenLab, contact your local account representative, or drop us a note at

Solutions Incubation Program

Independent software vendors (ISVs) and startups developing SDN and network automation solutions can take advantage of our Solutions Incubation Program. OpenLab provides the resources to build and test new solutions that interoperate with Juniper SDN and programmable networking assets.

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