Free Virtual Junos OS Download for Labs

Download the virtual products in three easy steps

vJunos-router, vJunos-switch and vJunosEvolved—our virtual Junos® OS and-Junos® OS Evolved based platforms—make it easy to create instant virtual lab topologies for training, demo, proof of concept, script development, configuration generation, and testing the control plane in virtual lab environments.

This is all done without having to build labs with Juniper Networks’ physical routers and switches based on Junos OS. vJunos Lab platforms are available at no cost for non-production test environments only and have no time limit—feel free to use them as long as you like.

WARNING: vJunos Labs are for non-production test environments only. These products are exclusively for testing configurations and running low traffic to validate switch topologies. Juniper provides no commercial customer support for this software. Please note that JTAC support is not available.

Step 1

Visit our vJunos-router Support Downloads page, vJunos-switch Support Downloads page or vJunosEvolved Support Downloads page.

*Note: Please use the direct links above to download the images. Currently, there is no ability to find these products by a keyword search or expanding “View all products” on the download page.


Step 2

Select vJunos-switch or vJunosEvolved and the desired software release version to download.  


Step 3

Click to accept the software license agreement, then enjoy the experience.