Juniper Agile Licensing (JAL) License Activation

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A screenshot from the Juniper Agile Licensing (JAL) License Activation webpage. The page headline says, “Download and Activate Your Software.”

Activating your Juniper licenses couldn’t be easier — here’s how it’s done.

Watch this detailed walk-through video to activate a Juniper Agile Licensing (JAL) license. You’ll see the process step-by-step as you follow along on your own screen. 

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You’ll learn

  • How to obtain your license key, including what to do on specific screens

  • How — and where — to enter your license key

  • How to use the J-Web interface to manage your licenses

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0:00 [Music]

0:04 Uber purchases a software license they

0:08 will receive an email

0:10 it looks something like this it has

0:12 information about the sales order number

0:14 what specific software license they

0:16 ordered the quantity of them and so on

0:19 it also provides links directly to our

0:22 onboarding site as well as directions on

0:24 how to activate those licenses

0:27 now to activate the licenses what

0:29 they'll want to do right you can even

0:30 click on this activate license it'll

0:32 actually just bring you to a quick right

0:35 information that shows you through

0:37 getting the activation code downloading

0:38 this offers all that information is here

0:40 but what the one I'm really going to

0:42 write is this June over agile license

0:43 portal

0:45 from the agile license portal they can

0:47 put in their email address and here

0:48 we're going to

0:50 act as a customer here named Cornelius

0:52 customer


0:56 so we will log in here as this kind of

1:01 temporary account

1:03 and you'll notice here under my product

1:05 license my entitlements I'm looking for

1:08 this P1 license for the SRX 345 notice

1:11 here I'm going to go into activates

1:14 that'll give me now the option to

1:15 activate one of these licenses I'll

1:17 select all versions of software I'll put

1:20 in the serial number which should be

1:25 cz1616

1:27 af0070 just an example one here could

1:31 add in any notes right like SRX Branch

1:34 one

1:36 agree I'll put in my email address for

1:39 this to be emailed to oh

1:42 and click activate

1:49 now that this license has been activated

1:51 we can download it or again email it

1:56 and just get a simple license file so we

1:58 can go ahead and save that you're ever

2:01 curious what those license files look

2:02 like or is what that license key will

2:05 look like

2:07 now once they have the license key

2:10 you'll want to take that and apply it to

2:12 the SRX so here we're just going to use

2:14 jweb notice right here when you first

2:16 log in they can see things like the

2:18 serial number the host name and also in

2:21 the getting started guide over here that

2:23 little walk through you also see manage

2:25 your licenses so we can either click

2:26 here or if you go under device

2:28 Administration

2:30 license management

2:33 so once you get to the license

2:34 management page you'll want to go ahead

2:36 and add those licenses and we'll just

2:38 click add here

2:40 and then your two options are going to

2:42 be either to add by just pasting in the

2:44 license key text or you can put in the

2:46 URL file if it's located on a web server

2:49 so we'll hit OK this will add the demo

2:53 licenses I've added here

2:55 and then we can see once we get back to

2:57 the slices management management page

2:58 then IDP license has been added one for

3:01 antivirus and also one for web filtering

3:03 so now the next step would be to go and

3:06 actually get those configured

3:08 [Music]

3:11 foreign

3:12 [Music]

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