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Activate Junos OS Licenses

  1. Gather your activation codes.

    Activation Code: The 17-digit alphanumeric activation code is sent through email in response to your order and is used to generate license capacity / feature activation key(s) for your Juniper Networks software. The activation code is used to generate your license activation key—it is not the license activation key itself.

  2. Download Software.

    Go to Juniper’s Support Downloads page. A Juniper Customer Support Center (CSC) user account is needed to access support content. (If you do not already have an account, go to Login Assistance.) Look for and click on your software’s product line and download the software

  3. Install the software according to the instructions in the product documentation.

  4. Generate and install license activation key(s).

    Upon initial setup, a base activation key might be required to activate the software. If further capacity or feature(s) were purchased and are being added to the software, each capacity increment and feature needs to be added via another activation key.Generate license activation keys using the Juniper Agile Licensing Portal. At the top of the portal, enter your activation code, and click Activate. Then follow the instructions on screen. Juniper provides license activation keys in one of two ways:

    • Download: You can download activation keys from the Juniper Agile Licensing Portal.

    • Email: You receive an email that contains the license activation key(s).

  5. Obtain internet activation.

    The software might connect to the Juniper Agile Licensing Portal through the internet as part of the activation sequence.