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From sunlight to power, we're sparking change in Bengaluru!


Juniper Networks’ India Excellence Center Showcases the Company’s Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

Hear about Juniper’s India Excellence Center’s (IEC) journey to be responsible global citizens through harnessing sustainable energy. The facility houses a cutting-edge solar power plant, showcasing its commitment to sustainable energy. This facility, along with green procurement practices, enables the IEC to fulfill 85 to 90% of its power needs through renewable sources, resulting in a significant reduction in our carbon footprint.

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You’ll learn

  • About Juniper’s India Excellence Center’s mission to power connections and empower change as responsible global citizens

  • How the Juniper India Excellence Center is meeting more than 85% of its power needs through green power sources

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Business Leaders


Tojo John
Senior Director, Juniper Networks


0:01 [Music]

0:05 our mission is to power connections and

0:07 Empower change to be responsible Global

0:10 Citizens and influence meaningful

0:12 difference in the world around

0:15 us we aspire to leave our planet in a

0:18 better place by creating products that

0:20 improve the lives of billions of people

0:23 in ways that reduces our carbon

0:25 footprint our India Excellence Center is

0:28 now home to state of the Arts solar

0:30 power plant it's located in chitradurga

0:32 Karnataka which holds significance as it

0:34 symbolizes our dedication to innovation

0:37 in its sustainable

0:39 energy this saves about 570,000 tons of

0:42 CO2 emissions over its lifetime this is

0:45 equivalent to taking out countless cars

0:47 out of the roads and eliminating the

0:49 need of a massive amount of coal fired

0:52 power this plan along with other green

0:55 procurement enables us to meet about 85

0:57 to 90% of our power needs through new

1:00 able sources thereby reducing our carbon

1:03 [Music]

1:04 footprint

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