Sandip Kumar Ghosh

Fostering a Culture of Innovation: Juniper Networks India Excellence Center

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Juniper engineers share highlights from BrainWave 2023 held at the India Excellence Center

Juniper Principal Engineers and Program Managers share highlights from BrainWave 2023, held at Juniper Networks’ India Excellence Center. This conference recognized Juniper’s innovative culture reflected by the over 500 patents we’ve registered. The conference tracks promoted Juniper’s focus on collaboration leading to impactful business innovations and the dedication to an experience-first networking strategy. The conference also shared customer success stories, master classes and much more. This video synopsis celebrates Juniper’s continuous pursuit of innovation at Juniper's IEC.

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You’ll learn

  • How BrainWave 2023 serves as a hub for innovation, collaboration and celebration with Junivators at India Excellence Center

  • How BrainWave 2023 inspires Juniper engineers and professionals to focus on architecting, designing and developing customer-first networking solutions

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Business Leaders


Sandip Kumar Ghosh
Principal Engineer, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Hemchandra Mohan
Principal Engineer
Srihari Sangli
Distinguished Engineer
Sunil Mekad
Distinguished Engineer
Arun Kumar
Principal Engineer
Sandeep Dhar
Distinguished Engineer


0:01 [Music]

0:07 Innovation is the foundation of juniper

0:09 and at IC we have failed and received

0:11 approval for over 500 patent we

0:13 consistently generate more than 100

0:15 Innovation disclosure each year our Beno

0:18 annual technology event serve as a h for

0:20 Innovation and

0:21 collaboration amazing journey of brain

0:24 West 2023 started in last November when

0:26 I leadership approached India

0:28 distinguished and principal Engineers

0:30 team to ideate an unique and engaging

0:32 event for the 20th anniversary

0:34 celebration post pandemic fostering

0:37 collaboration among junors was crucial

0:39 and we thought Tech Fest would be a

0:42 meaningful engagement identify and

0:44 nurture Innovative impactful and

0:46 successful business ideas were our key

0:49 parameters to devise the programs upon

0:52 announcing the Tech Fest Jun response

0:54 was overwhelming across all the Juniper

0:56 business functions these collaborations

0:58 have resulted in good moment among the

1:00 PED teams setting stage for continued

1:03 future collaboration customer experience

1:06 is at the center of what we do here at

1:08 jur we keep that in mind when we

1:11 architect design develop our product and

1:14 solutions jur strategy of experience

1:17 first networking describes that well

1:19 what can be more valuable when we get an

1:21 opportunity to listen to the customer

1:23 and interact with life at brain w 2023

1:27 we had such an opportunity founder of f

1:30 P Mr bgin engineer shared with us his

1:33 experiences of building phone pay and

1:37 what it takes to a network this was eye

1:39 opener for all of us especially when he

1:42 rested upon the point of network

1:45 reliability at brain Bas 2023 we had an

1:48 event where our India sales team shared

1:51 with us their learnings their experience

1:54 of working with customers and shared

1:57 with us some of the success stories the

2:00 event was very exciting now as we listen

2:03 to customers we understand how they have

2:05 used our products but we also know the

2:09 problems and challenges they are facing

2:11 that opens up a whole new set of avenues

2:14 for us to innovate at Juniper we take

2:18 Innovation very seriously no wonder a

2:21 juniper employee is also called as Juna

2:24 we had many tracks during brain wave

2:27 2023 and they were all designed keeping

2:29 in mind the goal of collaboration and

2:33 Innovation and we also had a hard

2:36 cellular idea

2:38 track which provided opportunities for

2:41 junors to kind of look at a unique way

2:44 of how to sell your ideas so it allowed

2:47 junors a platform to help them to

2:50 interact with other junors face to face

2:53 this was very well received by many

2:55 especially our new joining Community who

2:58 could understand the breadth of of

2:59 Technology at work in Juniper and I also

3:02 believe that it is not only important

3:05 for us to create good work create and

3:09 innovate and deliver great products but

3:11 also be very proud of what we do and

3:15 product showcase that we did in the

3:17 lobby allowed us to celebrate these

3:20 great products that we have built it was

3:22 a show and tell in the main lobby for

3:25 all of us to see and understand the

3:28 great legacy of products that we have bu

3:30 experts from various teams shared their

3:32 knowledge on key technology Trends as

3:35 part of masterclass sessions that were

3:37 very well attended the Talks by

3:39 Executives customers and professors were

3:42 highly insightful and future-looking

3:44 Juniper leadership team walked through

3:47 all the booths inspiring all the

3:49 participants due to the tremendous

3:51 success of brain Bas 23 we discovered

3:55 the amazing amount of Employee

3:58 Engagement in the country continuous

4:00 interest that it generated in the

4:01 various tracks that were laid out as

4:04 part of 23 brain waves and those tracks

4:08 we decided to continue as part of

4:11 monthly or quarterly and yearly

4:13 engagements so that the benefits that AC

4:17 due to the the work that was done in

4:19 brainway will continue so as part of

4:22 this uh we have initiated monthly master

4:25 class for interns quarterly master class

4:27 for all juniors talks in various

4:30 external forums as part of hard cell

4:33 your idea track we have initiated

4:36 mentorship and IDE of ped pipelines for

4:38 all the ideas that came in the hard cver

4:41 ideas as well as initiated

4:43 productization as well as engaged plms

4:46 for these uh

4:52 Innovations

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