Yogita Shanbhag

Collaboration at Juniper Networks India Excellence Center

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Juniper Networks India’s Recognized as a Top Place to Work in India

Juniper Networks India was recognized as one of the top 100 great places to work.  Hear how the company’s dedication to fostering employee engagement, gathering feedback-driven innovation,  promoting inclusion and diversity, and delivering remarkable customer experiences all contributed to winning this honor.

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You’ll learn

  • How initiatives like JCC Spotlights and the Women’s Development Program help employees flourish and succeed

  • How collaboration and innovation lead to powerful employee engagement and remarkable customer experiences

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Business Leaders


Yogita Shanbhag
HR Business Partner – Director & India HR Site Leader

Guest speakers

Muthukumar M
GVP Engineering
Sajan Paul
Managing Director & Country Manager
Sima Thukar
Software Engineering Director
Banushree K
Software Engineering Sr. Director
Sonali Karumanchi
Software Engineering Sr. Manager


0:01 [Music]

0:06 [Applause]

0:08 Juniper Networks India is ranked top 100

0:12 great places to work in the

0:15 [Music]

0:17 country this has been achieved because

0:20 of the meticulous detailing in capturing

0:23 the employee pulse the focused approach

0:26 on acting on feedback and outcome

0:28 orientation the fundamental philosophy

0:31 with which we operate includes inclusion

0:35 diversity creating a learning

0:37 organization building pride and

0:39 camaraderie and cross Silo

0:43 collaboration Juniper in India has a

0:45 two- decade history and is a very

0:47 critical part of the overall

0:49 organization's success this year Juniper

0:52 India was rated among the top 100 great

0:55 places to work in the country our work

0:57 spans across silicon systems software

1:02 test engineering support supply chain

1:05 and business operations we have

1:07 extensive labs and data center

1:10 infrastructure in Bangalore and every

1:12 year we execute projects with budgets in

1:15 the hundreds of millions of dollars uh

1:17 we uh you know breathe our customers so

1:21 our customers are the most important

1:22 assets and building value and

1:24 relationship with customer is so much

1:25 important and uh that is one of our key

1:28 assets creating that empathy and uh

1:30 understanding and respecting our

1:31 customers is most important and we've

1:33 been building that value uh in across

1:35 India and Sak region over and over again

1:38 in India business I think we have been

1:41 uh growing in double digit for last uh 3

1:44 years and it is um uh across all

1:46 functions like service provider

1:48 Enterprise and Commercial Business some

1:50 of the key highlights and uh and

1:52 priorities that I'm I'm looking forward

1:55 to is to continue that double digit

1:57 growth over many years make sure that

2:00 our bottom line and the Top Line are

2:02 maintained and and we we grow

2:04 significantly over the next few years

2:06 create a remarkable customer experience

2:08 I certainly cherish the value and

2:11 relationship that we build I think

2:12 relationship is always backed by the

2:14 value that you create in the customers's

2:15 mind and it goes hand in hand and to

2:17 ensure that we continue this rhythm of

2:20 building uh the the world-class team

2:22 around us and uh and they will stop

2:25 short of anything but winning and making

2:27 a remarkable customer experience what I

2:29 like about janiper is it gives a

2:32 platform to explore fearlessly be bold

2:35 to take the stride and what if being

2:38 bold is supported by your team and

2:41 fellow Jenifer I it does magic it gives

2:45 birth to Innovation my takeaway and

2:48 suggestion for all of you is to be bold

2:52 and build trust equal opportunity

2:55 inclusivity identifying a nurturing

2:58 Talent is pivotal for any organization

3:00 to succeed I am proud that as a company

3:04 our culture is rooted to these poal

3:07 values while our managers are equipped

3:10 with tools and trainings to harness full

3:12 spectrum of talent leading to Innovation

3:15 our leaders are championing woman's

3:18 professional growth and cultivating an

3:20 environment of equity leading to

3:22 sustainable

3:23 [Music]

3:25 success I joined junifer as an engineer

3:28 and now a leader in engineering

3:29 Community my journey sums up Juniper

3:32 values culture and commitment from our

3:36 leaders it's also an immense

3:38 satisfaction for me that I have nurtured

3:41 supported and grown diverse leaders in

3:44 my own organization I've been part of

3:46 women development program this year and

3:48 it holds immense value for me as a woman

3:51 professional it's a wonderfully curated

3:53 and wellth thought through program for

3:54 women it focuses on various aspects like

3:58 building confidence having the right

3:59 attitude and behavior and empowers

4:03 ambitious women to Aspire for

4:04 professional growth and aim for

4:06 leadership roles Juniper indulges and

4:09 prioritizes programs like this which not

4:11 only impact us individually but has a

4:13 ripple effect across the entire

4:15 organization diverse perspectives Drive

4:17 Innovation and these programs by Juniper

4:20 make it a more inclusive place to work

4:22 and a dynamic cooperate leader now

4:24 career management is one of the top

4:25 priorities at Juniper and at India we

4:28 are trying to bring the focus on career

4:29 much closer to the employees one of the

4:31 initiatives through which we are trying

4:33 to do is JCC spotlights under JCC

4:35 spotlights we are doing quarterly

4:37 sessions or panel discussions by

4:39 Regional leaders we have seen great

4:41 Traction in the sessions done so far and

4:44 some excellent feedback we have received

4:46 from leaders who are speaking in these

4:48 sessions as well as from the

4:49 participants we are committed to bring

4:51 these sessions every quarter on

4:53 different topics ranging from mentorship

4:56 development through gigs navigating

4:58 individual cont and people manager

5:00 career tracks and so on we are also

5:03 trying to utilize the excellent

5:04 potential of our people managers at I by

5:07 bringing the people manager Network

5:08 Forum at IEC now our Focus over here is

5:11 to bring different Regional perspectives

5:14 around the different people management

5:15 topics and for the people managers to

5:18 share best practices with each other and

5:20 also to learn from each other's

5:22 experiences at talent management we are

5:24 also focused on listening from employees

5:26 through the annual Juniper voice survey

5:29 this has helped us in prioritizing the

5:31 programs and in curating learning

5:33 programs for specific audience it has

5:35 also enabled us to focus on topics like

5:38 building feedback muscle through radical

5:40 cander Performance Management and many

5:42 other topics software engineering

5:44 Hardware engineering system Technologies

5:46 jtac Professional Services HR and

5:49 finance we have all come together with

5:52 our passion for collaboration creativity

5:55 and Innovation to flourish together

5:57 through music our music performance is

6:00 all about synchronization trust and

6:03 knowing the strength of each team member

6:06 it is also working around the weaknesses

6:09 accepting the feedback constructively

6:12 and finding the opportunities to learn

6:15 most importantly we understand that

6:17 while talent and skillfulness is a must

6:21 but it should also ultimately Delight

6:22 the audience which is nothing but true

6:25 for a great customer

6:28 experience

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