Gurumoorthy Mathrubootham

Exploring the Community Engagement Journey: Juniper Networks India Excellence Centre


Juniper Networks’ India Excellence Center Makes a Positive Impact through Community Engagement Activities

Juniper Networks’ CSR initiatives include 12 projects across India and focus on improving education, community health, environment, and livelihood, as well as offering job training and skills development. Hear from leaders of key foundations in India that partner with Juniper to transform lives and bring about sustainable positive changes for the communities.

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You’ll learn

  • How more than 10,000 lives have been positively changed by community outreach programs that Juniper supports

  • How Juniper leaders and employees and the charitable foundation partners work together in ongoing efforts to continue to improve their local communities

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Gurumoorthy Mathrubootham
CSR Program Manager, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Ian Correra
CEO Hope Foundation
Dr. Gopal Dabade
Founder Jagruti
Archana Tripathi
Dr. Senthil Kumar
Savitha Sulugodu


0:01 [Music]

0:05 Juniper started the CSR initiatives in

0:07 2015 16 here and what we start in the

0:10 small way today we have 12 projects

0:12 across the various parts of Karnataka

0:14 tamad and Maharashtra spanning four

0:17 different

0:18 themes uh namely the education Community

0:21 Health environment livelihood and skill

0:25 development and we touch more than

0:27 10,000 lives across the various ini it

0:30 is in

0:34 currently Hope Foundation began its work

0:36 in 1991 the approach we take is a cradle

0:39 to Career

0:41 approach it is designed to help children

0:43 complete School join College acquire an

0:46 employable skill and then find a

0:50 job the asak kir project is not just a

0:54 project run by one or more

0:56 NOS it's a project where the senior

0:59 leadership of juniper the employees of

1:02 juniper and all the implementing

1:04 partners are working together

1:06 consistently throughout the

1:08 year and so best practices keep getting

1:11 strengthened and our experiences teach

1:14 us you know what we can do even better

1:17 in the future so the constant engagement

1:20 with the community with the CSR team and

1:22 Juniper and so many people at multiple

1:24 levels is what strengthens the program

1:27 and allows the vision to come to life

1:31 and so that's something that's really

1:33 exciting because it's not just a plan

1:35 that was uh meaningful on paper but it's

1:38 a plan that has come to life on the

1:40 ground and is changing lives of children

1:44 men and women as it must be

1:50 done the whole idea and the vision with

1:52 which we started Jagr was that uh uh we

1:55 should work with people and be part of

1:58 their struggle to improve their life

2:00 lives jagriti and

2:02 Juniper have developed a very good

2:05 partnership and uh because of this

2:08 support from jiper uh Jag's work at

2:12 grassroot level has really shown much

2:14 better Improvement and also the

2:16 participation of the women because of

2:19 this Juniper support jagriti has been

2:21 has been doing very good work and many

2:24 women have now uh come out of the uh

2:28 clutches of poverty and able to read a

2:30 much more independent life especially

2:33 those who have taken up cows and those

2:35 who have taken up goats as their

2:36 economic program and in addition through

2:40 Juniper support uh jagriti has also

2:43 identified places where it can improve

2:46 its quality of goods and thus seek a

2:49 better market and Jag are also involved

2:51 in other uh production one of them is uh

2:55 Jagger production and other uh needed

2:58 condiments which are of so all these are

3:01 being used jiper resources are being

3:03 used for the work of jagti team members

3:06 sahas is a 22y old NGO founded in 2001

3:09 in Bangalore uh we work on issues around

3:12 solid base Management on the principles

3:14 of circular

3:16 economies Juniper through CSR support

3:18 had been working in orali panchayat in

3:21 Karnataka from 2016 as part of their

3:24 Asha kirina project uh they were

3:26 focusing largely on health and education

3:29 uh but but in 2018 they realized that

3:31 they also need to add Solid Waste

3:33 Management to their interventions and

3:36 this is when uh Juniper reached out to

3:38 sahas because they knew about our work

3:41 in bellari and uh we jointly started

3:44 working from August 2018 to set up

3:47 sustainable and holistic Solid Waste

3:49 Management Systems in the orali gr

3:52 panchayat Juniper has been uh one of our

3:55 most understanding and supportive uh CSR

3:58 partners the team was always there for

4:01 us when we uh face challenges and the

4:04 best part about this partnership has

4:06 been the flexibility that the Juniper

4:08 team has been able to give us uh because

4:11 working on Waste Management on

4:13 behavioral change and uh Wicked social

4:17 issues is not easy and that is where the

4:20 support uh from Partners like Juniper

4:22 Networks is really appreciated the

4:25 association of people with a disability

4:26 is an NGO started in the year 195 59

4:30 over the last 64 years our mission has

4:33 never wavered to give every person with

4:35 a disability the right to live a life

4:37 with dignity and

4:40 respect leaving no one behind is the

4:44 theme of APD we actually wanted to

4:46 ensure that people from the rural

4:48 geographies coming from the poorest of

4:49 the poor need to be served is a vision

4:52 and mission of APD Juniper actually

4:55 shares and aligns to the vision mission

4:57 of APD and we both together join hands

5:00 together to transform the lives of

5:02 people from the rural geographies to get

5:05 them transformative changes in terms of

5:08 enabling equiping and empowering people

5:10 with disabilities in the rural L

5:14 mile Swami Vivekananda youth movement

5:17 started in 1984 by a group of medical

5:22 which is led by Dr R balas

5:25 suban SV ym along with juniper will

5:28 facilitate in realizing localization of

5:31 sustainable development goals in the

5:33 Thematic area of poverty-free and

5:36 enhanced lihood panchayat healthy

5:39 Villages and water sufficient Village in

5:42 uro har as well as J

5:45 [Music]

5:49 panchayat sambba Foundation was started

5:52 about 17 years ago in 2006 jifa has been

5:56 a strong uh supporter for us and has

5:59 helped us to achieve our goals towards

6:01 making youth uh independent and for us

6:05 independence is both Financial

6:07 Independence economic independence and

6:09 digital Independence so with juniper we

6:11 work with the electrician as a job

6:14 category but also other job categories

6:17 that we are looking to expand into we

6:19 also have a strong relationship with

6:21 juniper in the sense that uh we do

6:23 discuss our problems as an organization

6:27 and what are the issues that not for

6:29 profits have and how can we actually

6:31 marry that with the goals of uh a

6:34 corporate like

6:37 Juniper for us Juniper more than being a

6:39 donor is a partner uh to ensure that we

6:43 have improved outcomes for young people

6:46 and their families as well as the

6:47 neighborhood and communities in which

6:49 they live I think that's the uh

6:52 long-term partnership we foresee uh with

6:55 junipa as we uh go forward so we are

6:58 covering 8 SG calls of United Nations 28

7:02 sdg calls so we'll be going in deep in

7:05 those areas we will not take up new

7:06 things we'll expand to new regions to

7:09 cover more people that's our plan

7:11 wherever possible we are engaging the

7:13 employees effectively to see how

7:15 effectively they can get involved in

7:16 their CSR

7:22 activities

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