Amar Sadashivaiah

Building Futures: Campus Hiring and Internship at Juniper Networks India Excellence Center


Juniper Networks’ University Talent Program builds bright future for Juniper and networking professionals

Juniper Networks' University Talent Program hires interns from Tier 1 to Tier 3 colleges to train and develop a diverse pool of new network technologists. With over 80% of interns transitioning to full-time roles, the Talent Program has helped the team achieve impactful contributions and drive innovation across engineering, services, and operations. Discover how Juniper Networks’ Cloud and Automation Academy's decade-long commitment is empowering the next generation of network technologists.

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You’ll learn

  • How mentoring new graduates through the Talent Program gives them skills to make significant contributions to engineering, services and operations within the company

  • How the new ideas and fresh perspectives brought by the program participants helps inspire the next generation of network technologists

Who is this for?

Business Leaders


Amar Sadashivaiah
Leader Global Delivery Center

Guest speakers

Hemachandra Mohan
Principal Engineer
Arun Kumar
Principal Engineer
Archana Yadav
Program Manager


0:02 [Music]

0:06 as a company Juniper I has has had

0:08 phenomenal success with the university

0:10 Talent

0:11 program we hire from Tier 1 tier 2 and

0:14 tier three colleges across different

0:16 parts of the country which helps us

0:18 bring in a diverse talent pool to junipa

0:20 the fact that we've converted more than

0:22 80% of our intern hires to full-time

0:24 employees is a testament to the success

0:27 of the program at Juniper we have

0:28 dedicated mentors for new College grats

0:31 to guide them Foster Innovation and make

0:33 Juniper an ideal workplace new College

0:36 grats are making significant

0:37 contributions to Mari projects across uh

0:40 various functions from engineering to

0:42 services and operations I've personally

0:44 found it very energizing and rewarding

0:47 to work with the genzi talent as they

0:48 Infuse new ideas and bring fresh

0:51 perspectives to the workforce early

0:53 career Talent is the future of Juniper's

0:55 Workforce and we take extreme pride in

0:57 their Career Development and success

0:59 when new College grads come about they

1:02 engage in variety of projects within an

1:04 environment that encourages Fearless

1:05 exploration which leads to Innovation

1:08 additionally they are given an

1:09 opportunity to participate in the

1:11 solutions developed by junipa under the

1:13 guidance of ped Community this exposure

1:16 enables them to grasp real world use

1:19 cases and refine their ideas to meet the

1:21 requirements of the Next Generation

1:23 Technologies this holistic onboarding

1:26 approach empowers these emerging talents

1:28 to nurture their creativity and adap to

1:31 evolving demands the PED Community has

1:35 embraced its role as brand ambassador

1:38 for our University Talent program Tech

1:41 talks have emerged as a dynamic platform

1:44 to engage interact and Inspire students

1:47 across universities the tech talks dwell

1:51 into our strategy of experience first

1:53 networking along with Trends in NextGen

1:56 Network and career development Juniper

1:59 Networks cloud and automation Academy

2:02 has been at the Forefront of the

2:03 technology education for more than a

2:06 decade as a skill for ref initiative the

2:09 journey started with a simple Vision to

2:12 bridge the knowledge and skill gap

2:14 between the Academia and Industry and to

2:17 inspire the next generation of network

2:23 technologist today we stand firm with

2:26 our Partnership of 200 univers ities as

2:30 members teaching Juniper curriculum to

2:33 over 30,000 students and empowering them

2:37 with career opportunities in the field

2:39 of network and Cloud technology these

2:44 trained and certified students serve as

2:47 a largest pool for the en hiring within

2:50 the Juniper internal customer and

2:53 partner

2:55 ecosystem last year we were recognized

2:58 by the AIC education Ministry government

3:01 of India to support the virtual

3:04 internship for more than 10,000 students

3:08 under the skill India program we are

3:11 proud of the impact Juniper Academy has

3:14 made on our nation and globally in line

3:18 with Juniper's culture of delivering

3:20 Excellence we remain dedicated to

3:23 empower Young Learners and to meet

3:26 everchanging it skills

3:28 demand

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