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The Right Tool for the Edge: Living on the Edge

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Feb 06, 2022 Podcast

The multiservice edge: What it is and who it’s great for.

In this episode of Get Connected, host Chris Lewis speaks with two Juniper experts to investigate the nitty gritty of the multiservice edge, exploring how it’s evolving and innovating. Listen to discover what the Juniper MX Series platform can do for you and your customers. 

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You’ll learn

  • Some of the challenges for the CSP, what’s changing, and what the CSP environment looks like today

  • What advantages the multi-service edge offers over traditional core and access routing technology 

  • How the Juniper MX multiservice platform with extensive automation capabilities enables operators to meet constantly expanding bandwidth, subscriber, and service demands

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


Chris Lewis Headshot
Chris Lewis
Independent Industry Analyst of host of Get Connected

Guest speakers

Anna Wielosz Headshot
Anna Wielosz
Sr. Director Product Management, Juniper Networks
Jim Capobianco Headshot
Jim Capobianco
Director of Product Management, Juniper Networks