Ken Dellovo, Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Tales of badput with Tom Nolle and Patrick MeLampy

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Jan 19, 2022

Vanquish badput with goodput — and why that matters.

In this webinar turned podcast, industry experts Tom Nolle and Patrick MeLampy discuss badput, an unwanted product of tunnel-based SD-WAN solutions, and goodput, data that is, well — good. Listen to find out how goodput can help you deliver better network performance and a better end-user experience. 

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You’ll learn

  • What exactly badput is, what causes it, and how goodput differs  

  • How Juniper uses AI to identify badput

  • How Juniper’s unique approach to SD-WAN reduces badput overall and increases goodput 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


Ken Dellovo Headshot
Ken Dellovo
Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Tom Nolle
President and Founder, CIMI Corporation
Patrick Melampy Headshot
Patrick MeLampy
Juniper Fellow and co-founder and COO of 128 Technology