AI Driven SD WAN for Federal – Expect More from Your Network

Image of the video’s title “Driven SD-WAN for Federal — Expect More from your Network” with a background photo showing two businesspeople shaking hands.

See how Juniper AI-driven SD-WAN helps meet stringent federal network requirements.

With Juniper AI-driven SD-WAN, Federal agencies can automate operations and enable secure and reliable connectivity. Watch this short video for specific ways AI-driven SD-WAN from Juniper helps federal NetOps and SecOps teams accomplish their missions.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper enables zero-touch provisioning, seamless deployments, and easier cloud migrations 

  • About the security features to meet federal requirements, including inherent zero trust security and FIPS 140-2 certification

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals


0:00 Expect more from your network

0:01 Juniper AI-Driven SD-WAN for Federal

0:06 Less time to deploy

0:08 More agility

0:11 Simple

0:12 Seamless deployments

0:15 Seamless operations

0:16 Seamless cloud migrations

0:18 At any scale

0:21 Zero Touch Provisioning

0:25 Automated templating tools

0:28 Less disruption

0:30 More reliability

0:33 Tunnel-free

0:34 application aware

0:35 Reclaim 30-50% bandwidth

0:37 Instant Failover

0:39 Less risk

0:42 More security

0:45 Inherent Zero Trust Security

0:47 FIPS 140-2 certified

0:50 IDS/IPS and URL Filtering

0:53 How can you do more with less?

0:56 Juniper AI-Driven SD-WAN

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