Juniper Apstra Demo: Enhance Resource Tracking With Apstra Virtual Networks Statistical Analytics

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Resource tracking just got easier.

Daunted by the burden of tracking resource utilization in devices in your data center network? Watch to find out how to make this task easier with Juniper Networks Apstra®  4.2 Virtual Network Statistical Analytics.

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You’ll learn

  • How to navigate to the virtual networks table, which displays a blueprint showing virtual overlays

  • Where to get a bird’s eye view of how network resources are currently consumed

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0:00 foreign

0:06 it's critical to keep track of resource

0:09 utilization in devices that comprise

0:11 today's data center Networks

0:13 with so many devices supporting so many

0:15 virtualized elements it is a daunting

0:18 task to account for the state of each

0:20 one this important task is made easier

0:22 by abstra 4.2 virtual Network

0:25 statistical Analytics

0:27 navigating to the stage tab

0:30 then to the virtual tab reveals the

0:33 virtual networks table

0:35 see here that our blueprint has a large

0:37 number of virtual overlays

0:41 move over to the statistics tab to see

0:44 the bird's eye view of how network

0:46 resources are currently consumed

0:48 this bubble chart describes your virtual

0:50 Network allocation per routing Zone

0:54 additionally these histogram charts show

0:57 the virtual Network footprint across

0:59 leaf and access switches the data in

1:01 these graphs visually indicate the

1:03 distribution of VN elements across the

1:06 entire infrastructure one more way that

1:08 abstra helps avoid problems before they

1:11 occur

1:12 foreign

1:15 [Music]

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