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Automated WAN: Device Management—Onboarding Workflow Design and Automation

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How to design an automated, time-saving device onboarding workflow.

Until recently, device lifecycle management for communications service providers has been largely manual, leading to costly errors and slow time to market. Juniper Paragon Automation changes that by automating management and vastly improving outcomes.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper Paragon leverages an intent-based model for every device type

  • How a device onboarding implementation plan helps ensure configurations are done right, every time

  • How Juniper Paragon enables real-time monitoring and reduces mean time to repair

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Network Professionals


Paul Notzold Headshot
Paul Notzold
Marketing Comm Director, Juniper Networks


0:02 [Music]

0:06 hi I'm here to show you a quick

0:08 demonstration of how we design an

0:10 automated device onboarding workflow

0:13 using device life cycle management a

0:15 juniper Paragon automation use case

0:18 device life cycle management is

0:20 typically performed manually with some

0:22 security and Assurance checks until

0:25 recently the process has not been

0:27 automated and the lack of automated

0:29 oversight

0:30 has led to costly errors and

0:32 unacceptable times to market for

0:34 Communication service providers to

0:37 ensure secure fast and consistent

0:40 deployment at scale operators need to

0:43 reimagine their device life cycle

0:45 management and planned work processes

0:47 with automation so let's dive into it

0:50 starting with simple elegant and

0:52 efficient orchestrated design of the

0:55 device onboarding process Paragon

0:58 automation's device onboarding

1:00 orchestration leverages an intent-based

1:03 model that describes a profile for every

1:06 Network device type service providers

1:09 typically have a set of roles that

1:11 devices play in the network by modeling

1:15 these roles we can ensure the intent of

1:17 device configurations are met the user

1:19 can create a profile for PE routers

1:22 aggregation switches peering Edge

1:25 routers core routers and others designed

1:28 for their unique purpos

1:30 and network connections the user

1:32 specifies whether Isis or ospf is being

1:37 used or ldp versus

1:40 RSVP other items defined in the device

1:43 profiles are Vendor model and

1:46 application type PE

1:48 router the user can specify their

1:50 organization's processes and

1:52 configuration policies for that device

1:55 type having these intent-based device

1:58 policies help helps ensure consistency

2:01 each and every time for the onboarding

2:04 of all device types the device

2:07 onboarding orchestration allows all

2:09 these details to be set up with an

2:11 intent-based profile for a specific set

2:14 of devices and interfaces after

2:16 specifying the devices and interfaces

2:19 this day one intent specification helps

2:22 the user set a plan for the network

2:26 implementation specifying a device

2:28 onboarding Network implement mentation

2:30 plan through Paragon automation improves

2:33 consistency by ensuring that

2:35 configurations are done right the first

2:38 time every

2:39 time the user can specify intents within

2:43 the device onboarding orchestration to

2:45 guide field technicians as they install

2:48 and configure the devices field

2:51 technicians can receive guidance on

2:53 device interfaces IP addresses core or

2:56 network interface profiles and the type

2:59 of plug needed for each interface the

3:02 intent plan also drives day2

3:05 observability which enables the operator

3:07 to not have to think about what to

3:09 monitor since it is simply derived from

3:12 the intent plan Paragon automation has

3:16 an easyto use physical device topology

3:19 where users can specify link sources and

3:22 destinations including the link name

3:25 with each endpoint's device name site

3:28 required interface and connection

3:31 instructions Paragon automation then

3:33 orchestrates a configuration

3:36 automatically that specifies all the

3:38 device onboarding Network implementation

3:41 details needed to guide the field

3:43 technicians this automates the

3:45 onboarding process and provides

3:47 intuitive guidance delivered to the

3:49 field technician's smartphone web

3:52 application the automation sets up

3:54 checks that validate hardware and

3:56 software authenticity sets the software

3:59 image and and configuration to install

4:01 the new devices being onboarded outlines

4:04 the zero touch configuration and

4:06 provisioning for all devices in the plan

4:10 and sets up Telemetry for monitoring

4:12 device health and network performance it

4:16 also updates inventory which ensures

4:19 devices are fully ready for service with

4:21 Paragon automation you can enable device

4:24 life cycle management and adopt a single

4:27 source of Truth for device and

4:29 configuration management as well as

4:32 prevent detect and correct faults in a

4:35 timely manner by monitoring the network

4:38 continuously device life cycle

4:40 management can accelerate onboarding and

4:42 minimizes time to Market by executing

4:45 complex configurations on thousands of

4:48 devices automatically it enables

4:51 real-time monitoring that minimizes

4:53 meantime to repair all through Juniper

4:57 Paragon automation

5:04 all

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