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Automated WAN: Device Management—AI-Enabled Operations and Supervision

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The many benefits of Juniper Paragon Automation

Service providers: How can automated device lifecycle management assist your organization? Find out in this hands-on demo of intent-based network operations and supervision using Juniper Paragon Automation.

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You’ll learn

  • How collapsible views with health-status indicators let you focus on what matters first

  • How to identify configuration issues with side-by-side comparisons

  • Ways to quickly spot connectivity issues, then flag them for urgent action

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Paul Notzold Headshot
Paul Notzold
Marketing Comm Director, Juniper Networks


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0:02 [Music]

0:06 hi I'm here to show you a quick

0:08 demonstration of how we design an

0:10 automated device onboarding workflow

0:12 using device lifecycle management a

0:15 juniper Paragon automation use case for

0:17 intent-based network operations and

0:20 supervision

0:21 device lifecycle management is typically

0:24 performed manually with some security

0:26 and Assurance checks until recently the

0:29 process has not been automated and the

0:31 lack of automated insight has led to

0:33 costly errors and unacceptable times to

0:36 market for Communication service

0:38 providers

0:40 operators need to reimagine their device

0:42 life cycle management and planned work

0:45 processes with intent based automation

0:48 which more efficiently drives day two

0:51 operations and observability so their

0:53 operators do not need to think about

0:56 what to monitor since it is simply

0:58 derived from the intent plan

1:00 so let's dive into it starting with

1:03 intent-based network operations and

1:05 supervision

1:06 when investigating device onboarding and

1:09 day two operations issues with Paragon

1:11 automation knock Engineers can

1:14 troubleshoot problems more intelligently

1:17 by drilling into urgent actions

1:20 for any issues the operator can take a

1:23 look at a problem from various points of

1:25 view troubleshooting options include

1:28 identify location

1:30 Remote Management

1:33 Hardware

1:34 interfaces

1:36 software

1:38 configuration routing

1:41 and connectivity

1:43 by using collapsible views for each of

1:46 these with indicators for health status

1:49 and actions required Paragon automation

1:51 makes it easier for the operator to

1:54 focus on what matters first

1:56 the operator can drill down further into

1:58 specific urgent actions that need to be

2:01 taken they can see compliance advisories

2:03 and gain a view of the chassis and

2:05 interfaces to visualize which physical

2:07 ports and interfaces have urgent issues

2:11 this saves them from filtering through

2:13 many symptomatic Hardware failure and

2:16 threshold alarms for psus fans line

2:20 cards CPU and memory

2:23 instead the problem is correlated to a

2:25 root cause and they get a recommended

2:28 action to resolve the issue

2:31 troubleshooting information on kpis is

2:34 aggregated to simplify investigating

2:36 Network and device problems

2:39 operators can also drill into detailed

2:41 Telemetry data and graphically view the

2:44 data with time series plotting

2:47 remediation is further enhanced with ML

2:49 driven Predictive Analytics that plots

2:53 and forecasts data to better understand

2:55 if the trend requires action in addition

2:58 ml driven thresholding proactively sends

3:01 alerts when forecasted Trends require

3:04 attention or anomalies are detected

3:07 based on understanding what is normal

3:11 sometimes issues are caused by the

3:13 device software using Paragon automation

3:15 operators can see information on the

3:18 device software including the OS version

3:20 and they can trigger a software upgrade

3:23 for the device

3:25 with the network trust built into

3:27 Paragon automation operators can also

3:29 see the device's eul date and any

3:32 related security incidence Response Team

3:35 cert advisories

3:37 operators can be responsible for

3:40 introducing many issues during

3:42 configuration to help identify

3:44 configuration issues Paragon automation

3:47 can show Network Engineers the recent

3:49 configuration on a device to see both

3:52 the active version committed and

3:54 previous versions of the configuration

3:57 they can then perform a side-by-side

4:00 line-by-line comparison to highlight

4:02 differences between the configuration at

4:05 two specific points in time

4:07 they are able to see a compliance score

4:09 for the device derived from the network

4:11 trust compliance and drill into any

4:14 existing configuration compliance issues

4:18 connectivity issues are another common

4:20 issue that occur through the life of a

4:23 device and especially during onboarding

4:26 operators can use Paragon automation to

4:28 quickly see connectivity issues flagged

4:31 for Urgent action and use the integrated

4:33 active Assurance testing to create layer

4:36 2 through 7 active tests to generate

4:39 synthetic traffic on the data plane to

4:42 validate kpis and slas from an end user

4:46 perspective with Paragon automation you

4:49 can enable device lifecycle management

4:51 and adopt a single source of Truth for

4:54 device and configuration management as

4:56 well as prevent detect and correct

4:59 faults in a timely manner by monitoring

5:01 the network continuously

5:04 device life cycle management can enable

5:06 the ability to manage devices at CSP

5:09 scale and minimizes the time to Market

5:12 by ensuring that devices are quickly

5:15 configured right the first time and all

5:18 the time it enables real-time monitoring

5:21 that minimizes mean time to repair

5:24 all through Juniper Paragon automation

5:29 foreign

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