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Automated WAN—Closed-Loop Remediation

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Juniper Paragon Automation helps avoid major network problems before they impact customers.

A router outage can spell disaster for network operators. Watch how you can deliver guaranteed SLAs with closed-loop remediation using Juniper Paragon Automation to unlock new enterprise revenue streams, reduce human error, and prevent customer-impacting issues.

Learn more about closed-loop remediation (PDF).

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You’ll learn

  • How to detect network errors before they occur with active label-switched-path (LSP) monitoring

  • How to investigate network problems, fix the root cause, and restore the network

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Paul Notzold Headshot
Paul Notzold
Director, Juniper Networks


0:02 [Music]

0:04 Hi here's a quick demonstration of

0:06 closed loop remediation a juniper

0:08 Paragon use case of optimization we took

0:11 what we learned from Decades of Industry

0:13 leadership and customer deployments and

0:16 turned it into a catalog of

0:17 pre-integrated self-standing

0:19 out-of-the-box use cases and closed loop

0:23 remediation is just one of them with

0:25 closed loop remediation you can deliver

0:27 guaranteed slas on locking new

0:30 Enterprise revenue streams in the

0:32 process reduce human error by automating

0:35 Common manual tasks and prevent customer

0:38 impacting issues by resolving root

0:40 causes before the customer notices the

0:43 problem so let's dive into it starting

0:47 with active LSP monitoring this network

0:50 dashboard shows nodes and links with a

0:52 single click we can see the active LSPs

0:56 supported by this infrastructure in real

0:58 time each router in this network

1:00 supports at least two tunnels so just

1:03 one router outage spells disaster for

1:05 the network operator with juniper

1:07 Paragon you can detect failures before

1:10 they occur trigger a path computation

1:13 and move the traffic seamlessly around

1:16 the affected node you can use any

1:18 network trigger you like packet loss

1:21 Jitter latency temperature just to name

1:24 a few and Northbound API support means

1:26 that possibilities are endless in this

1:30 example it's CPU overutilization which

1:33 is the preemptive indicator of future

1:36 failure let's see how it works in real

1:39 time Juniper Paragon detects CPU

1:42 overutilization immediately triggers a

1:44 maintenance event and drains all traffic

1:47 from the affected router by

1:49 recalculating and reassigning the

1:51 optimal routes for all affected tunnels

1:54 around the node now we can safely

1:56 investigate and resolve the root cause

1:59 knowing that no customers have been

2:01 impacted we've just avoided a major

2:04 Network outage let's investigate the

2:06 problem fix the root cause and restore

2:09 the network with Paragon it's easy we

2:12 open our Network Health dashboard and at

2:14 a glance we see what triggered the

2:16 rerouting in the first place it's a

2:18 system process that's flooding the

2:20 router's CPU in the timeline view we can

2:23 see that it's started just under 2

2:24 minutes ago the knock can restart the

2:27 process without having to restart the

2:29 whole router saving potentially hours of

2:32 troubleshooting in the process a few

2:35 seconds later Paragon detects that the

2:37 root cause is resolved recalculates and

2:40 re optimizes every tunnel across the

2:42 entire network look at that our router

2:46 is back online in the space of a couple

2:48 minutes we've averted a major Network

2:50 outage detected and fixed the root cause

2:53 all with zero service disruption for

2:55 anyone using the network that's true

2:57 autonomous networking by combining

3:00 active data plane monitoring anomaly

3:02 detection and real-time Network

3:04 Telemetry with paragon's

3:06 industry-leading path computation engine

3:09 all wrapped up in a full Cloud native

3:11 architecture you can drive automation

3:13 based on service quality and slas today

3:17 more than 50 customers around the world

3:19 like orange Poland and Consortium gar

3:22 use closed loop remediation it cuts

3:25 incident resolution Times by half or

3:27 more what's not to like avoid human

3:30 error and deliver guaranteed service

3:32 levels deliver better customer

3:34 experiences with closed loop remediation

3:37 a juniper Paragon automation use

3:45 case

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