Kanika Atri, Senior Director, Product Management, Strategy and Business Development, Juniper Networks

A Better Way to Build Autonomous Transport Networks

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A still from the video interview showing Kanika Atri, Senior Director, Product Management, Strategy and Business Development, Juniper Networks. A caption reads, “Which automation use cases do you see CSPs investing in right now?” Also shown is the DTW logo.

Service providers, it’s time to reimagine your network automation experience.

Automation is all about delivering business outcomes, but when it’s not done correctly, it can hurt rather than help your business. Here, Juniper’s Kanika Atri explains how cloud-delivered WAN automation from Juniper is cheaper than DIY, cuts time-to-first outcomes in half, and lets you introduce innovation 70 times faster than any kind of DIY. These are just some of the reasons why automation is top of the agenda for network operators right now –– and should be for you and your business as well. 

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You’ll learn

  • Why Juniper believes the future of WAN automation is cloud-delivered 

  • How automation can –– and should –– be super easy for staff to use and deploy 

  • The many automation use cases CSPs are investing in right now 

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Kanika Atri headshot
Kanika Atri
Senior Director, Product Management, Strategy and Business Development, Juniper Networks


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0:06 the biggest challenge I see is the time

0:09 to First outcomes because automation is

0:12 all about delivering business outcomes

0:14 and the reason why we see that problem

0:17 is the DIY approach where much of these

0:21 automation

0:23 Frameworks that our customers are

0:26 building in in-house while they are

0:28 elegant and holistic it actually takes a

0:31 lot of time to get them off the ground

0:33 because it's like bringing all the

0:36 different components from multiple

0:37 vendors applying a layer of own

0:40 automation on top this takes years to

0:44 get off the ground

0:45 it requires a lot of skill stuff that

0:48 you know many of The Operators are

0:50 running into a shortage of this actually

0:53 require it costs a lot more because

0:56 there are many many overheads to manage

0:58 and above all you know it's about the

1:01 ROI of your investment so when you see

1:04 the first outcomes it allows you to

1:06 invest further into the next use case

1:08 however this DIY approach doesn't lend

1:11 itself to seeing those first outcomes

1:14 quickly enough we believe there is a

1:17 need for a much more pragmatic Approach

1:18 at Juniper we think there is a better

1:20 way

1:21 we think that the future of Van

1:23 automation is cloud delivered

1:25 and that not only makes business sense

1:28 but technical sense as well

1:30 from a business perspective it's

1:32 actually 40 percent cheaper than any

1:35 kind of DIY approach

1:36 and in terms of time to First outcomes

1:40 it cuts the time by half

1:42 even better once you have got the system

1:45 rolling you're able to introduce

1:47 Innovation 70 faster than any kind of

1:50 DIY so the whole idea is to start small

1:53 but go fast go use Case by use case

1:56 deliver one show the ROI move on to the

2:00 next above all with SAS we can put an

2:04 easy button to it there is no overheads

2:07 it's much easier to operate by your

2:11 Workforce particularly in context of the

2:13 skilled Workforce shortage that many of

2:16 our customers are facing today so it

2:20 makes a lot of sense to start with SAS

2:23 delivered automation for bad Networks

2:25 from a technical perspective when we

2:28 think of AI Ops and that's very critical

2:30 as we proceed into networks that are

2:33 becoming far more complex

2:34 multi-technology multi-domain

2:37 AI Ops we have also learned you know

2:40 that cloud is the way to do AI Ops

2:43 because not only you need data sets at

2:47 massive scale and of course these are

2:48 anonymized data sets but in order to

2:51 build much better models and train them

2:54 around problems you actually need to

2:56 have that variety of data sources so

3:00 this is also about Collective Innovation

3:02 and speed because now you have

3:03 discovered one problem in North America

3:05 say around optical cable failures and

3:08 you can build a model in two weeks

3:10 around that and now it's available out

3:12 of the box to another customer in Asia

3:14 Pacific he doesn't even have to you know

3:17 he can spot that issue before it happens

3:19 and before it impacts experience so

3:22 putting it all together I believe that

3:24 starting small start with one use case

3:27 do a SAS approach for it but then go

3:31 fast from there it's really exciting to

3:34 see that automation is not an

3:36 afterthought we're actually seeing from

3:38 our customers that automation is part of

3:41 these rfps as and when they're building

3:43 new networks so that's in really

3:45 encouraging

3:46 in terms of the problems it solves and

3:49 the different use cases I broadly see

3:51 them in two categories the first one is

3:53 all around operational efficiencies

3:55 things that the customers have to do

3:57 every day which is where automation can

4:00 help make it faster simpler more

4:03 error-free and here the use cases

4:05 include things like you know software

4:07 upgrades activation of devices Services

4:10 links things like network maintenance

4:14 audit compliance inventory management

4:16 and so on

4:18 the second category of use cases is all

4:21 about improving Network and service

4:23 performance you need complex automation

4:25 systems to deliver it and examples

4:27 include things like service assurance

4:29 things like Network resiliency build

4:32 outs things like autonomous capacity

4:35 optimization things like traffic

4:37 engineering closed loop automation

4:39 Network analytics root cause analytics

4:43 going to Predictive Analytics and mother

4:46 of all use cases which is Network

4:47 slicing so it's actually absolutely

4:51 fantastic to see that automation is now

4:54 top of the agenda of all our operators

5:02 [Music]

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